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Student Ministry Intern

Crossroads Community Church
Posted: 04/28/2022

Position Overview:

The Student Ministry Intern will work under the direct supervision of the Senior Pastor. This internship is intended to be a support position of our Student Ministry. The intern will also learn and experience various aspects of leadership within other ministries of the church.

Essential Job Functions:

·        Wednesday night leadership/teaching

·        Take student(s) out for discipleship at least biweekly

·        Learn administration and planning of Student Ministry

·        Attend scheduled events with freedom to add to the calendar

·        Meet monthly with student staff for teamwork building

·        Once a month teach 3-5 year old Sunday School class

·        Attend Tuesday staff meetings

·        Be coached by Senior Pastor

·        Participate as schedule permits with post high school life group – Jen Kokal

·        Participate as schedule permits with race team

·        Participate as schedule permits with music ministry

Spiritual Life:

·        Growing in faith as a believer in Christ (2 Peter 1: 5-11)

·        Has a teachable spirit and servant’s heart (Philippians 2: 1-22)

·        Has a vibrant prayer life, as this is the beginning to healthy ministry and job function (I John 5: 14)

General Requirements:

·        Faithful and committed attendee of Crossroads Community Church.

·        Adheres to and supports the Vision and Mission of Crossroads Community Church and its leadership, including the Great Commission.

·        Show concern about the spiritual welfare of others by appropriately praying with them, speaking of Christ and/or sharing the scripture..

·        Possesses organizational abilities and able to handle stressful situations with self-control and teamwork.

·        Possesses a strong work ethic. (We are the recipients of the Lord’s money).

·        Has a heart focused on ministry, it’s not just a job.

·        Be willing to perform other duties as required in a spirit of servitude.

·        Strive for excellence, not perfection.

·        An eagerness to initiate or respond personally to the needs and questions of others connecting them to the ministries of Crossroads Community Church.

·        Be dependable, thoughtful, and trustworthy.

·        Have a professional, yet personal approach to ministry.

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