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Student Ministry Pastor

United Church of Crook
Posted: 08/25/2022
Salary/Range: 35-48K
Crook, CO

Student Ministry Pastor – United Church of Crook (EFCA), Colorado 2022

Role Summary:

As the Student Ministry Pastor at United, you will work out the mission, vision, and values of United Church in ministry to students (grades 6-12) of the church and community. You will work closely with the lead elder/pastor at United as you lead and shape students at United and in the community.

Purpose of Position:

United Church of Crook is located in a small rural town in the high plains of Colorado, and also directly serves the larger community (about a 25-mile radius), which contains several smaller communities with their own schools. Recently, several of these communities/schools no longer have student ministries. United is calling a Student Ministry Pastor to begin building relationships with students at United and on these campuses. This means creating a relationship-based ministry focused on the life in Jesus found in the gospel that reaches out to the community students at large (beginning specifically with the schools at Peetz, Caliche [Proctor], and Fleming and growing from there as God leads/allows).

Qualifications You will:

  1. Be an apprentice of Jesus and be living as a mature Christ follower.
  2. Be a godly man who demonstrates the fruit of the Spirit (Gal.5) and thequalifications of an elder (1 Tim.3). (If married, United values your wife and her giftedness highly. She is of course free to serve with you, find other work in the area/online, be a stay-at-home wife/mom, or any combination of those.)
  3. Agree with the mission, vision and values of United and be a team player.
  4. Be able to thrive in a truly rural setting.

Knowledge and Skills You will have:

  1. A passion for and ability to introduce students to Jesus and guide them to a personal relationship with Him.
  2. A relationship-based personality and desire to be with students.
  3. The ability to communicate the Bible and biblical truths in creative and applicableways to students at various age levels.
  4. The ability and willingness to work with a variety of people from students to parentsto volunteers and communicate well with them.
  5. Ability to handle sensitive issues and maintain confidentiality and trust regardingleader and member information.

Responsibilities and Expectations You will demonstrate:

  1. Priority attendance at United for Sunday AM gatherings. Build relationships with those kids present.
  2. The willingness to take a day off/Sabbath day weekly for personal refreshment and focused family time.
  1. The ability to lead and organize United’s Student Ministry (Junior High and Senior High). This means:a. Buildingarelationship-basedministry(notprogramorevent-based).
    1. Leadingweeklygatherings(on/neareachcampusorcentrallylocated)toconnect and develop students in their relationships with God and each other.
    2. Meeting students at/near the various campus’s as able throughout the week.

    d. Communicatingregularlywithstudentministryvolunteersandparents.

  2. The ability to teach students from God’s Word in those weekly gatherings about the importance of a real friendship with the Father through the Son in the power of the Spirit, emphasizing daily faith walk, personal purity and mission, and telling others of Jesus’s love for them. The goal is each student having a personal faith and relationship with God that can supernaturally transform them and then sustain them into college/post high-school life.
  3. Proper management of the Student Ministry budget.

Package includes benefits (retirement, paid vacation time, ministry expense account, and health insurance/ sharing plan), regular use of church vehicle, and a competitive salary with housing allowance.

Addendum: We would be excited to have this position also be a full-time student from Denver Seminary or other school. We would support for time needed for classes, tuition, fuel, etc.

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