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Youth and Children's Ministry

Student Pastor

Marshall Road Baptist Church
Posted: 03/10/2022

Salary – Part-time with the goal of moving to full-time as the ministry grows.

Marshall Road Student Pastor Job Description:


Interact with students and families at services
Promote upcoming Youth events
Sunday Morning Program
Sunday Evening Program (during school year)

Weekly Staff Meeting

Prep info for staff meeting
Attend weekly staff meeting (if schedule allows)

Wednesday Student Service

·      Plan, prepare, and execute weekly Student Services


Development of discipleship process for students
Follow-up with first-time students
Recruit new volunteers, follow-up with their Background Check Process, assimilate new workers through orientations and trainings
Pastoral Care for Student Ministry Leaders and students
Plan and register for annual Summer Camp
Design outreach events to reach students

·      Coordinate any necessary fundraisers for student ministry

·      Work effectively with parents to foster support of the student ministry, including ongoing communication to provide opportunities for input and feedback

·      Support all other staff members

·      Pastorally care for your volunteer team

·      Work closely with Lead Pastor to do everything necessary to impact our community and reach lost people

·      Other Responsibilities as needed (dependent on skill set of the person)

Position Requirements

·      Profess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior

·      Commitment to personal spiritual growth and healthy lifestyle

·      Model valuable standards and expectations for leaders at Marshall Road

·      Financial giving to support the vision of Marshall Road

·      Regular attendance at all Marshall Road services & events

·      Leading your family well

·      Wife supports the ministry and the overall ministry of the church

·      Previous experience as a student pastor or intern

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