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Student Wellness and Strength and Conditioning Coordinator

Denver Christian School
Posted: 08/31/2022
Salary/Range: $65/$75K yr
Lakewood, CO

Denver Christian is growing and is hiring a Student Wellness and Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the 2022-2023 school year.

Salary Range: $65K – $75K

Expectations: Employees at Denver Christian School are exemplary with respect to the following Denver Christian School Faculty Core Competencies:

Spiritual Life

Denver Christian School Employees model an active, vibrant faith life in order to intentionally disciple students and integrate faith and learning into all aspects of a DC education.


Denver Christian School Employees demonstrate commitment to the DC mission statement, to student learning, and to a healthy staff climate and culture. DC employees prepare systematically and learn from experience and professional growth and development.

Academic Excellence

Denver Christian School Employees foster academic excellence because they are qualified in their subject area, passionate about what they teach, skilled at subject and grade specific pedagogy, and innovative and creative in lesson design, implementation and assessment; they are committed to continual improvement in each of these areas.

Classroom Management

Denver Christian School Employees create a healthy and positive learning environment; manage their classroom and learning experiences in a way that allows each student to thrive; build strong, discipling relationships with students; and exercise discipline from a biblical framework.


Denver Christian School Employees actively embrace leadership roles with students, through discipling relationships both in and out of the classroom, and with peers, through meaningful involvement in professional development and professional learning communities.


Professional Expectations: In addition to the Employee Handbook and the Faculty Procedures Handbook (as applicable), the responsibilities of this position would include but are not limited to the following:

1. Creation, implementation, and execution of student wellness programs such as school-wide wellness initiatives, school (ES/MS/HS)  and grade-specific wellness initiatives, and intramural/recreational initiatives for grades K-12.  This person will report to the Athletic Director and work with the Athletic Director to develop our wellness and strength and conditioning program.

2. Coordination of strength and conditioning program for all athletes and teams (before, during, and after-school, and summer initiatives.)

3. Development of for-profit summer strength, speed, and conditioning programs.

4. Caretaker, developer, and purchaser of our weight room and all other strength and conditioning equipment.

5. Willingness to teach classes pertaining to health, wellness, strength, and conditioning as needed.

6.  Willingness to assist the Athletic Director as needed, in particular the need to work with our Athletic Boosters to raise funds for strength and conditioning initiatives.

7. Willingness to coach a varsity sport.



Professional Requirements:

  1. College Degree in Physical Education, Athletic Performance, and/or Athletic Training preferred.
  2. Previous health/wellness/physical education teaching, and/or strength and conditioning experience
  3. Varsity coaching experience and willingness to coach a varsity sport.
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