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TMS Intake Coordinator

A New Outlook Recovery & Colorado TMS Services
Posted: 03/09/2023
Salary/Range: $20/hr
Littleton, CO

Supervisory Structure
• Supervised by Clinical Director
• Collaborate with TMS Coordinator for administrative support.
• On-site for clinical appointments with clients
• M-F during daytime hours
• Able to flex schedule to ensure all clients are seen in the required time frame.
• Coverage and responsibilities clearly assigned when on vacation or ill.
• The TMS Intake Coordinator is accountable for performing the registration process of patients or clients as they enter a healthcare facility for medical services. Your responsibilities as an intake coordinator include gathering patient records, taking medical histories, and obtaining any insurance information from the patient..
• Assist in Patient identification and scheduling consults to determine if patients are a good fit and/or appropriate referrals for TMS Therapy (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)
• Prepare patients for examination and treatment including determining the nature of patient visits, obtaining and recording vital signs, and preparing patients for diagnostic treatment.
• Complete all necessary documentation in patients’ medical records in accordance with the clinic’s charting policy.
• Maintain and utilize effective communication skills so as to facilitate open communication with patients, coworkers, and visitors.
• Respond to patient and family needs, exercising good judgment and being sensitive to the diverse physical, emotional, spiritual, and cultural needs of all parties.
• Monitor clinical compliance at all times (pre-admission screen review, regular chart audits, clinical efficacy, quality of care, treatment, and services)
• Complete/sign off on necessary documentation.
• Ensure notation is entered in a timely manner and formatted properly.
• Document level of care changes and refer to higher levels of care when appropriate.
• Ensure documentation of Treatment Plans, bio-psycho-social assessments, group therapy & individual therapy notes are properly written.
• Ensure group therapy sessions are executed and covered at all times.
• Communicate with Utilization Review and collaborate regarding proper documentation standards.
• Coordinate with medical staff to ensure client medication adherence.
• Manage and be available for clinical crises.
• Direct clinical work as appropriate (facilitate groups, provide individual and family therapy)
• Coordinate with client families/guardians as necessary.
• Support the admission team and facilitate if necessary.
• Any additional duties deemed necessary.

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