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Tuesday/Thursday Nanny (20+ Hours/Week at $23/Hour)

The Banister-Riley Family
Posted: 11/30/2021
Salary/Range: $23/Hour
Denver (Park Hill)

Hi! My wife and I are looking for a rockstar nanny to watch our five- and seven-year-old girls on Tuesday and Thursdays during the day and one night during the week for a date night. It’s a pretty awesome job. We live in a great neighborhood in Denver where there’s a ton of stuff to do with the kids. The zoo is only a 20-minute walk from our house, the Museum of Nature & Science is only 15-minutes away, and there are playgrounds all around our neighborhood. Needless to say, you aren’t going to be bored. The girls are adorable (we’re biased). Our oldest will charm you with her smile, even if she pulls the typical eldest-child routine in moments of bossiness (we’re working on it). And, our youngest will constantly show you her latest drawings. Your fridge will never want for aww-inducing crayon masterpieces (we have a gallery of our own). She’s a spitfire, but the sweetest girl, especially when you get her alone. What’s more important is that we’ll look at you as part of the family. Feel free to eat whatever you want when you’re at our house.  Finally, the pay is solid. We’re looking to pay out about $23/hour for the help. If you’re a fun-loving, outgoing person who loves kids, would you contact us? We’re so looking forward to meeting you!

To Apply: Patrick Banister-Riley @ 717.385.5328