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Worship Ministry

Worship Leader

Grace Chapel
Posted: 07/05/2022
Salary/Range: $600/week
Castle Rock, Co


The leadership of Grace Chapel is looking for an individual who can lead us to encounter God’s presence in our weekly gatherings.  We are a growing, gospel-centered church in Castle Rock, Co.  We currently have two services on Sunday morning.



  1. Commitment to the Grace Chapel basics. This includes our dream of seeing people across the Front Range getting right with God, real with others, and ready for mission, as well as our beliefs and core values.  You can find our beliefs and core values on our website at
  2. Someone who has the desire and ability to develop and lead teams.  We’re looking for a leader, not just a doer.  This will include recruiting and training an exceptional team of people to lead all facets of our Sunday morning worship experience.
  3. Someone who can see themselves being here for at least 5 years or longer.  If that makes you uneasy, that’s probably a red flag.  If it excites you, keep reading.  To promote longevity, our ideal person will live in Castle Rock or the surrounding area.
  4. Character and compatibility. Someone who is willing to receive feedback and direction from the pastor and staff.  You need to want be part of a staff culture that is open, honest, and authentic.  No lone rangers.  We’re looking for someone who wants to be connected to the life of the church beyond Sunday mornings.
  5. Overall health. At Grace Chapel, we have a Staff Self-Care Policy which includes a focus on the following 5 areas: (1) Communion with Jesus, (2) Spiritual Friendships, (3) Marriage and/or Family, (4) Personal Health, and (5) Leadership Capacity.  You’ll need to be ready to be challenged in each of these areas.  We want our future worship leader to finish well as a follower of Jesus, a husband or wife, a dad or mom, and lastly in their calling to the church.  The order of those things is very important to us.
  6. Theological discernment. We want worship that is theologically sound and true to the Scriptures.   You need to be able to develop a pool of songs that promote good, biblical theology, as delineated in our church beliefs.
  7. Values passion over polish. We want worship that is Spirit-led and seeks to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.  We want great sound quality, but at the end of the day we believe the most important instrument is the voice of the people.  We’re after heartfelt and sincere, not loud and flashy.
  8. Love for all ages. Part of our vision is to be a multi-generational church that loves people of all ages and backgrounds.  You need to be able to develop worship sets that can connect with our current congregation, as well as appeal to young adults.
  9. Driven and discerning. We want someone who is continually focused on improvement, but not wanting to radically depart from our current approach.
  10. We want someone who can lead vocally with excellence.  Regarding previous experience, we’re looking for someone who has evidenced the above qualities.  If you have the right skill set, we want to walk alongside you as you grow and develop.  We’re fine if this is your first paid position.




  1. Be available to lead 40 Sundays per year. The incoming leader will be given up to one Sunday off per month.  Compensation is given per the Sunday worked.
  2. Oversee all aspects related to the Sunday morning music, audio, video, and technology.
  3. Ensure weekly sermons are recorded and posted to the church website by the following Monday at noon.
  4. Recruit and train people to operate sound board, slides, video, and all other technical related aspects of the Sunday morning service.
  5. Ensure that all music and sermon slides are prepared and ready to display.
  6. Recruit and train instrumentalists and vocalists for the Sunday morning worship service.
  7. Lead weekly music rehearsals.
  8. Ensure that all aspects related to worship ministry are prepared in your absence. This includes securing a replacement leader when you’re gone and ensuring all other roles are filled.
  9. Schedule quarterly team-building activities with the praise team and avl team.
  10. Incorporate click tracks, loops, and other musical aids as needed in order to improve overall sound quality.
  11. Attend weekly staff meetings. This can be done virtually or in person.
  12. Schedule all your team members a minimum of 4 weeks in advance.
  13. Practice the principle of tithing in your personal life.
  14. Prepare and oversee Worship Ministry budget.
  15. If married or have kids at home, ensure your spouse and children are regular attenders and supporters of Grace Chapel.
  16. Avoid any questionable activity that could compromise your effectiveness as a minister or cause division within Grace Chapel or the larger community of Castle Rock. This may include how you engage on social media, consumption or usage of psychoactive or other mood-altering substances, and how you dress and conduct yourself in public settings.
  17. Adhere here to the Grace Chapel Staff Self-Care Policy.
  18. Work under the direction of the Lead Pastor.
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