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Worship Ministry

Worship Leader

Hope Church
Posted: 04/20/2023
Salary/Range: $22/hr
Denver, CO - Platt Park

About Us: 

Hope Church is a non-denominational intergenerational church located in south central Denver. Our community is currently just under 100 people made up of children, young families, young adults and seniors. Our building was built in 1954 and is over 30,000 sq ft., with a beautiful sanctuary and updated rooms of various sizes for gatherings. One unique perk of being on staff is the option to have your own private office space! 

We are looking for a worship leader for our Sunday morning gatherings who can incorporate both new exciting music and traditional hymns. Worship generally includes 3-4 musicians (I.e. guitar, piano, bass and simple percussion with 1 – 2 singers) but we’d love to find a leader who can grow and expand our team and encourage new and younger musicians to join. 

And our old sanctuary has been outfitted with many modern and high-performing touches: JBL speakers, iPad stands, rear-throw projection screen, ProPresenter, Planning Center and Song Select, a Vimeo livestream with multiple camera angles, fully digital sound board and much more. Whether you are a tech-expert or unfamiliar with the tech side of worship, our team is excited to partner with you and continue to deliver quality experience. 

One of Hope’s desires is to see our staff develop into even more Christ-like women and men exercising their gifts, talents, skills, and abilities. So, while 10/hrs a week is the minimum for the position of Worship Leader there is a possibility of providing more hours and experience in other areas of interest (I.e., preaching, youth ministry, outreach, missions, etc.) if the candidate is a good fit. 

We provide generous PTO and very flexible work hours (including work from home options) so that you can craft your office hours and rehearsals to fit your schedule. 


  • Intermediate to expert ability to play at least one lead instrument (guitar, piano, etc.) while singing comfortably in front of a group. 
  • Familiarity with popular worship songs and traditional hymns – ability to thoughtfully choose and arrange 3-4 songs for Sunday mornings to engage our community. 
  • Ability to create and lead a worship team – scheduling volunteers, holding weekly rehearsals, encouraging newer musicians, and being responsive and attentive to group communications (emails, texts, etc.). 
  • Desire to be coached for areas of improvement (meeting at least 1/hr a month with your supervisor). 

Worship Ministry Values: 

  • Artistry – rich worship experience, thoughtful song choices and arrangements, encouraging creativity within the team. 
  • Attentiveness – aware of the movement of the Holy Spirit throughout the community and culture of Hope. 
  • Collaboration – provide a safe creative space to bring ideas that will be heard and seen, encouraging new musicians to grow in their skills and achievements. 

How to Apply: 

Applicants will be expected to demonstrate musical ability – either by sending a video recording or in person. Please send an email with a copy of your resume, available dates/times for an in-person meeting, and video (if applicable) to our Ministry Coordinator: 

  • Tara Farrell
To Apply: Tara Farrell - - 719-464-6812