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Worship Ministry

Worship Leader

Calvary Green Valley Ranch
Posted: 07/25/2022
Salary/Range: $300-$400 weekly
Green Valley Ranch -- NE Denver, CO

We are seeking an energetic Spirit-filled Worship Leader to come join the Calvary GVR family and ministry team. 


Skills and experience

  • Ideal candidate 
    • Has experience and training leading worship and overseeing volunteers (musicians and AV), 
    • Is familiar with worship planning software, AV hardware and streaming programs 
    • Is a top-notch musician with musical training and experience 
    • Has theological training/mentoring 
    • Is comfortable praying and teaching publicly and privately

ALL candidates MUST

  • qualify under biblical standards of a Deacon (1 Tim 3:8-13; Tit1:6-9); 
  • have a faithful Christian witness and increasing spiritual fruit in their life
  • possess a burning desire and call to glorify God and share His love through music and prayer
  • be humble and teachable in spirit
  • be available, reliable and willing to serve well. 
  • Hold to a theologically sound (evangelical) and defensible view of God, Worship and Scripture 

All Candidates MUST be willing to 

  • submit to godly leadership under the direction of the pastoral staff – disagreements are ok, but the fundamentals of the faith must be shared, and the candidate must be willing to submit to the authority of the pastor on lesser doctrinal and doxilogical issues
  •  be an active part of the ministry and congregation  joining other ministries, Bible studies and community groups when possible 

The JOB 

Worship God and serve His bride-the church –  the Worship Leader must work with pastoral staff and help organize volunteers to coordinate the worship service weekly. This includes leading a dedicated team of volunteer musicians and AV techs with differing levels of skill and expertise.  Some of the volunteer musicians may even be capable of leading worship on some Sundays , but the quality of the worship-offering to God is still the responsibility of the Worship Leader.

When it comes to weekly worship and AV issues, the buck stops with you!  –  even though mistakes happen and things aren’t always perfect, the Worship Leader is responsible for facilitating and leading worship – if there is something that is a barrier to that, the worship leader must either correct the issue (with pastoral counsel) or communicate the need to the Pastoral Staff. Worship Leader must:

  • Work with pastoral staff to develop a culture of genuine God-honoring worship – which is: 
    • Spirit-filled 
    • Prayer soaked
    • Theologically sound – Scriptural
    • Technically and artistically good 
  • Prayerfully schedule music and songs with all music posted 1-2 weeks in advance of scheduled practice. 
  • Schedule all musicians and AV volunteers (with 2-4 week minimum advance warning)
  • Mentor, teach and encourage music and AV volunteers 
    • Spiritual encouragement –  recognizing that the worship team is a ministry to and from the musicians/ technicians – each practice and service should begin with prayer and spiritual exhortation and the Worship Leader should take an active interest in the people who are serving with him/her in order to minister to their needs
    • Technical proficiency – encourage excellence in the offering of music and service to God and His Church – challenge the musicians and technicians  in their craft – gracefully pointing out areas of improvement and helping find tools to improve when needed.
    • Celebrate the good and lovingly correct what needs improvement . 
  • Work with pastoral staff to plan out special worship nights and special occasions/holidays (additional pay may be available for special events)

Weekly Time expectations 

  • 5 hrs Sunday Morning 
  • 1.5  hours – practice 
  • 1.5 hours staff meetings 
  • 2 hours prep, prayer, mentorship 


*** MOBILE MINISTRY –   For the time-being, Calvary Green Valley Ranch is a mobile ministry.  This means that we hold our worship services at a local high school and setup/teardown before and after service every single week.  We have a church office, a storage unit, and a trailer containing most of our gear and equipment and we have a group of gifted and faithful volunteers that serve every week, but any member of the staff setup at Calvary GVR must be ready and willing to direct and physically participate in the  and teardown weekly until God grants us a permanent facility or calls us home.

***VOLUNTEER LEADERS – Calvary GVR has been tremendously blessed with willing volunteer leaders who fill in and alternate leading worship. Although the Worship Leader would be the main leader (at least 35-40 weeks out of the year) we encourage preparing and rotating these volunteers when possible. when others do lead, it is still your responsibility to ensure that the team is prepared when volunteer leaders are engaged.

To Apply: or call 303-550-2042