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Worship Pastor

Westwood Church
Posted: 02/02/2023
Salary/Range: 50K+
St. Cloud, MN

Westwood Church is a non-denominational church located in St. Cloud, MN, which is an hour northwest of Minneapolis. The church is led by the Executive Pastor Mike Cruser, who has been the Executive Pastor at Westwood for seven years. The church also is led by the elder board, which provides vision, oversight, and accountability to the church and staff. Weekly teaching happens through a rotation of teaching pastors that are on staff at the church that carry various other roles. This model has proven to be successful for Westwood and they plan to continue moving forward with this model. Westwood offers two identical modern worship styled services at 9:00a & 10:30a on Sunday mornings. The church is currently seeing around 1,000 in total Sunday morning attendance. They are currently meeting in person and are also live-streaming their services.

Westwood Church believes the best two things we can do for our church family are: 1) help deepen spiritually authentic relationships with each other, and, 2) empower people according to their gifting for God’s glory and the good of others. Those who hold positions of leadership at Westwood must commit themselves to personally living out these values, and to make those values central to their ministry leadership. We value honesty, unity, initiative, and intentionality as we humbly serve those God has placed in our care. With this in mind, we ask you to help shape a healthy culture within the team that helps accomplish the following responsibilities in ways aligned with Westwood’s vision and philosophy.

The church is seeking the right candidate to take over as the new Worship Pastor to oversee and lead their worship ministry. The right candidate will have a deep personal life in Christ and the character and capacity that align with the church’s overall mission and vision. Below are the qualifications and responsibilities Froot Group and the church have identified for this role:


Recruiting, Empowering, and Caring.

In each area of influence, the Worship Pastor actively engages and recruits people from our church family to use their gifting and talents for the good of our church, for the advancement of the mission of our church, and ultimately for God’s glory. Ongoing and frequent equipping, feedback, coaching, and encouraging are important to the teams as they are empowered to serve in significant ways. Finally, because people matter more than what they do, spiritual care, discipleship, and pastoral investment in the lives of the team members are vital to the role of Worship Pastor.

Initiate, Improve, Invest, and Inspire.

The Worship Pastor demonstrates initiative in all aspects of the role; looking for opportunities to try new things, improve existing efforts, identify more effective ways to invest in the team, be quick to address challenges, build a healthy team culture, and celebrate the growth and success of others in ways that inspire.

Instrumentalists, Vocalists, Service Planning, Environment, and Technical.

These primary areas of the worship ministry all fall under the care and leadership of the Worship Pastor. Preparing well equipped teams, thoughtful attention to service planning, and clear communication and expectation are all central to the role of Worship Pastor. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Scheduling of volunteers and rehearsals across the worship ministry and the coaching of teams.
  • Leading and planning all Sunday services (music, elements, creativity, flow, etc) including special events and other services.
  • Help teach, minister, and grow our church family in their understanding and expression of worship.
  • Plan ahead, be organized (or empower an organizer), lead well and humbly, and work with excellence.
  • Oversight of set design, staging, and worship environment/atmosphere from the lobby to the auditorium.
  • Oversight of all aspects of live-streaming.
  • Oversight of technical teams serving audio, lighting, screens in all worship spaces, and online.
  • Help support Student Ministry by helping lead (or facilitate leaders) and equipping students as available.
  • Empower and celebrate the success of others under your leadership and care.

  • Can both lead and thrive in a team-based environment.
  • Excellent in leading vocally and with an instrument, preferably guitar.
  • Teachable, responsive, and respectful of authority. A willingness to be discipled and continue to grow in Bible and Theology.
  • Relationally engaging with others.
  • Have a pastoral presence on the platform with an ability to engage the heart of the people through music and words.
  • Able to create and sustain a strong volunteer culture.
  • A creative-minded person that has a desire to think outside of the box. Can cast vision and achieve goals.
  • Has a working knowledge of running tracks through either Ableton, Prime, Playback, etc.
  • Must be supportive of the goals, visions, and leadership set forth by the Board of Overseers.
  • Education
    • Bachelor’s degree preferred, not required.
  • Experience
    • Preferred candidates will have at least three years of relative experience leading worship on staff at a similar church.

Reports to: Executive Pastor

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