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Worship Ministry

Worship Resident

Mountain View Community Church
Posted: 09/09/2022
Salary/Range: Determined upon hire
Fort Collins, CO

Why Worship Residency?

Worship Residency at MVCC exists to develop future worship leaders in their practical worship leading skills to flourish praise among the people of God. There is no better way to learn the practical aspects of musicianship, shepherding leadership, service planning, and christian artistry, than in an intensive environment that gives opportunity and oversight. The Worship Residency is a great environment to network with Crossway Network churches and leaders, gain quality ministry references, and plan next steps in both vocation and ministry. God is moving and equipping His people in a myriad of ways, and this residency is designed to be a practical piece of the story that God is writing. 

Who is this for?

The Worship Residency is designed for future worship team leaders. More specifically, it is for the people who will be running worship teams in a volunteer staff or vocational capacity. We believe worship leading is not something restricted to men, however, due to the shepherding/teaching role of staff worship leaders at MVCC, this specific residency position is restricted to men. While all worship leaders could benefit from doing a worship residency, this program is designed for the people that will be running worship ministries in a highly involved volunteer or vocational capacity in the future.


      1. A christian who loves God, cherishes grace, and loves God’s people
          1. Been a christian for at least two years
          2. Actively involved in a church community for at least two years
      2. Demonstrated musical proficiency and experience
          1. Voice
            1. Ability to lead strongly with good intonation
            2. Relevant tone and timbre
          2. Relevant instrument
            1. Ability to drive rhythmically
            2. Basic knowledge of chords and scales on their instrument
      3. Previous worship experience
          1. At least one year experience leading worship
          2. At least two years experience playing in a band context
      4. Desire and gifting to be a worship leader after residency if opportunity allows
          1. Demonstrated gifting in worship leading
          2. Desire to pursue potential future worship opportunities within Crossway Network
      5. Character qualities relevant to leading worship
          1. Clear and demonstrated humility in worship leading
          2. On a clear trajectory towards the character qualifications of a deacon as describe in 1 Timothy.
      6. Practically able
          1. Able to raise financial support within the given timeline
          2. Able to practically move to and live in Fort Collins and live on given income
          3. If part time, able to prioritize residency schedule over other job’s schedule.
      7. Someone who has (or soon will have) a completed college degree
          1. The residency programs are designed for people who have graduated or are close to graduating from college, and a looking for an initial job to gain practical work experience.
          2. There are exceptions for people who have pursed trade degrees, multiple years work experience, etc.

What skills and experience will a person who successfully will a person have upon successfully completing the residency:

      1. The ability to confidently lead worship songs as a vocalist and instrumentalist.
      2. The ability to lead band rehearsals in bands of various instruments.
      3. A basic theological, and historical understanding of liturgy and the ability to implement liturgical philosophy in various worship contexts.
      4. The ability to arrange songs to fit different instrumental and liturgical needs.
      5. An understanding and ability on how to organize, recruit, and communicate to worship volunteers in a church context.
      6. An understanding and ability on how to maximize their own specific gifting (spiritual and natural) in leading worship and a worship ministry.
      7. A basic understanding of hermeneutics, biblical theology, and systematic theology, and how to shepherd people according to God’s word in worship.
      8. An ability to be a part of a ministry team that involves a wider scope than just gathered musical worship.
      9. A basic understanding and ability to use relevant worship and music related technology (sound, lighting, projection, etc.).

What does Worship Residency look like?

      1. 1-2 years depending on person’s desire and church needs
      2. Full-Time (45 hours), or Part-Time (30 hours) options
            • This residency is a fundraised position, and requires 90% funding before starting.
                • We provide coaching, administrative help, and accounting alongside the fundraising process.
      1. Every worship resident has a specific ministry they are focused on. There are currently openings for a worship resident in both our College Ministry, and our High-school and Middle-school Ministries.

Typical Hours Breakdown:

      • Staff meetings (5 hours)
          • Liturgy (monthly)
          • Residency (monthly)
          • Staff (every other week)
          • Relevant Ministry Team (weekly)
          • Worship Director meeting (weekly)
      • Running worship ministry (15 hours)
          • Scheduling
          • Weekly Planning
          • Practice
          • Service leading
          • Team management
      • Development (10 hours)
          • Weekly lessons
          • Equipping Theology Class
          • Weekly one on one Discipleship
          • Daily Practice
      • Sunday morning involvement (10 hours)
          • Practice
          • Sunday service
          • Worship projects
      • Network Exposure (5 hours)
          • Serving church plants
          • Network church trips
          • Developing network relationships

How do I apply?

  1. Please fill out the following application form:
  2. Please send a video link (Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive, etc.) of you leading worship from within the last two years. If you do not have a video of this, please make a video recording of you playing and singing a worship song (phone recording works).
  3. Once we have received both the application and the video, we will follow up with candidates that we see as potential fits for the ministry within two weeks with next steps. Feel free to contact us at with any questions.
To Apply: