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Youth and Children's Ministry

Youth Pastor

Mountain View Community Church
Posted: 08/05/2022
Salary/Range: $55,000-$75,000 dependent on experience/education/need
Snohomish, WA


Presently, roughly 40% of the country can be identified as post-religious, unaffiliated, or as “nones.”  In the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Alaska), nones make up more than 60% of the population.  This is an area which is characterized by dramatic and astounding natural beauty which lives along side economic affluence, where the reigning worldviews are secularism and various forms of modernized animism.  Affluence, success, and beauty, apart from a relationship with God, has left people struggling with loneliness, drug problems, debilitating anxiety, gender confusion, and despair.  The main stage where this drama is playing out is in the local high schools where students are faced daily with the influence of CRT, movements like BLM, and are constantly asked their pronouns by friends and teachers alike.  They are faced every day with LGBTQ friends and agenda. While they are trying to understand their own faith and resist the everyday struggles and temptations of being a teenager, they are also having to learn how to follow Jesus and witness about him as a minority that is closely watched and quickly criticized.

Mountain View Community Church is located between an idyllic small town at the edge of the Cascade Mountains and the edge of Seattle’s urban sprawl.  This is a fast growing and quickly diversifying community where people are seeking its beautiful life and awesome schools.  We believe God is doing something here.  What if the kids of the talented and affluent can be given a vision for God’s kingdom and empowered to serve locally and abroad?

We are looking for someone who is

  • radically devoted to the way of Jesus
  • gospel and mission focused
  • able to engage in tough cultural and theological issues and dialogue while modeling a commitment to grace and truth
  • able to inspire, teach, and equip the next generation of kingdom minded Christians.


Church: Mountain View Community Church in Snohomish, WA.  This is a Christian Missionary Alliance Church (See some of the denominational characteristics here  Our youth program is currently about 60 students who are predominantly attending Glacier Peak HS with a smaller number attending a few other schools.  The annual budget in 2022 for youth ministry was 13K.  The church sent 60 youth and workers to the LIFE conference in Orlando this year and raised around 60K to offset costs and scholarships for some students.  The youth team has about 10 regular volunteers with many others who support as need be.  The pastoral and ministry staff receive a lot of professional and personal development and work together in a collaborative environment.

Benefits: Base Salary: $55,000 – $75,000 dependent on experience/education/need. Healthcare: family plan provided by MVCC, includes $167 @ month HSA contribution. Retirement Plan: $100% matching up to 5% of salary. Professional Expenses: $1,800 per year.  Annual Vacation:3 weeks.  Pastoral Sabbatical: during 7th year of service

Hours: Full Time

How to apply:

  • Email your resume to
  • Please include a family picture (or self, if single).
  • Please tell us how you came to faith and some of your pivotal spiritual growth moments.
To Apply: