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Youth and Children's Ministry

Youth Pastor

Denver Friends Church
Posted: 01/31/2022
Salary/Range: $20,000
Denver, CO

Denver Friends Church

Denver Friends Church (DFC) is looking to fill a halftime youth pastor position to help us fulfill our new youth mission statement:

Denver Friends Church youth ministry exists to train, equip, engage, and inspire the next generation to live Christ-centered lives in the real world.

In addition to the youth mission statement, DFC has recently approved a commitment to focusing on our children, youth, and their families. We see the Holy Spirit moving among us with respect to these ministries and want to follow his leading.

The attached description is daunting and we want to work with the successful candidate to focus efforts and manage expectations based on a halftime position and your talents.

Our vision for the position includes more than someone that just teaches and hangs out with the kids. Rather, we are looking for someone who can work with the Christian Education Committee to create a vision; recruit, train, and engage volunteers; and minister to the youth (6th – 12th grade and their families).

While you are praying about this position, we are praying for you.


Youth Pastor Job Description and Expectations

The Youth Pastor drives the ministry efforts for every sixth through 12th grade community member as they delve deeper in their relationship with Christ. The Youth Pastor reports to the Christian Education Committee.


The Youth Pastor should have an education that would preferably include courses in youth ministry or related field, and/or an education plan that would include future classes to be taken. Experience with youth is required. In addition, the position requires strong organizational abilities, time management skills, self-motivation, and a spiritually mature relationship with Jesus Christ.

Responsibilities – In some cases responsibilities may be done by or in conjunction with volunteers.

  • Youth Participation – In conjunction with volunteers:
    • Weekly Youth Group: an engaging planned, organized opportunity for community, Christian growth, and evangelism.
    • Sundays: an engaging organized opportunity for worship and/or Sunday school, community, and discipleship
    • Plan and promote all major events and weekly programming for the youth
  • Contact Work – Goal is making sure youth pastor knows the kids, their concerns, their interests, and their families:
  • Know the names of the youth and their
  • Personally call, text, or email students (active or inactive or parents) monthly.
  • Spend face-to-face time with every student in the ministry on a regular basis (this may be with multiple kids at a time to maintain appropriate safety standards).
  • Available to youth and their families as needs arise for pastoral care and
  • Volunteer Development
    • Recruit youth ministry
    • Ensure that all volunteers are adequately trained for the tasks
    • Check in with each volunteer monthly.
    • Provide opportunities for the volunteers to grow as leaders and individuals.
  • Event Planning – Complete a yearly calendar for events including a description of the events and what is needed to see those events run smoothly (4 per year).
  • Documentation and Organization
    • Submit monthly report to Christian Education Committee including Sunday School/Youth Group updates, student contacts, planning, and prayer requests.
    • Turn in all financial requests and reimbursement forms in a timely manner.
    • Work with the Christian Education Committee to establish annual budget and work within the approved budget.

Church Staff Coordination

  • Monthly, communicate or meet with the church staff, particularly the Senior Pastor, in such a way that they are informed and enthusiastically supportive of the priorities and programs of the youth ministry.

Visitor Follow-Up

  • Be available on Sunday mornings to meet visitors
  • Provide exceptional and personal follow up to all first-time visitors within a week of their


  • Troubleshoot problems in the youth ministry in such a way that it honors the concerns of those who bring them, and other timely, creative solutions to problems in the

Ministry Needs

  • Ensure that the “in-between the cracks” needs of the youth ministry are handled in a professional and timely
    • Information boards, photography,
    • Emails/Newsletters, texts, and church announcements
    • Forms and r


  • Participate in all youth and church-wide outreach events, providing leadership, initiative, and ideas as
  • Encourage youth to invite friends to youth group, activities, and camp. Welcome visitors.
  • Encourage youth to seek ministry opportunities within the church or in other areas where God is calling them.
  • Actively be involved in teaching the youth about how to share their faith and invite others to
  • Include an outreach and/or mission event annually.

Other Ministry Responsibilities

  • Actively support and attend Fx Camp
  • Assist in maintaining a youth social media presence


  • Personal
    • Live out the Basic Beliefs and Faith in Action from the Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice.
    • Support pursuing the mission and goals of Denver Friends Church.
    • Spend time in God’s word for personal devotional time and
    • Have a mentor and/or be involved in a life group or other small group.
    • Regularly reading Christian books.
  • Attendance
    • Sunday morning worship, regularly visible in each service with exception to illness or
    • Wednesday Night Youth Group
    • Christian Education and Bi-monthly meetings.
    • All youth group events and applicable church-wide
    • Attend a training conference or other event annually.
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