Kaleo Project Who's Who

Kaleo Project Who's Who

Betsy A. Nesbit, PhD, LPC, NCC, Faculty Supervisor of the Young Adult Initiative

Dr. Betsy Nesbit has spent nearly 10 years researching, consulting, speaking, and writing on the topic of generational differences as components of culture. As a “cusper,” Betsy bridges the Millennial-Xer gap, passionately bringing voice and vision to what it means to engage each generation as its own culture. She has co-authored a book on the topic with Dr. Craig Blomberg titled, “Effective Generational Ministry.”

In addition to teaching counseling at Denver Seminary, Betsy maintains a counseling and consulting practice in Littleton, Colorado. In her consulting work, Betsy works with organizations, churches, and corporations across the country on topics of generational differences, identity development, and authentic living. She has also co-authored a counseling skills textbook titled, “Skills for Effective Counseling” with Drs. Heather & Fred Gingrich. 

In her fleeting spare time, Betsy enjoys whiskey & wine tasting with her husband, Stephen, and rollerblading.

Halee Gray Scott, PhD, Director of the Young Adult Initiative

Halee is a former None passionate about learning how to reach those who are, like she once was, in spiritual darkness.

Halee is an author and social researcher who focuses on issues related to leadership and spiritual formation. Her writing has appeared in several outlets, including Christianity Today, The Washington Post, Christian Education Journal, Real Clear Religion, Relevant, and Books and Culture. Her book, Dare Mighty Things: Mapping the Challenges of Leadership for Christian Women (Zondervan, 2014) explores the challenges facing female Christian leaders in ministry. As an international speaker and consultant, Halee helps ministries and Christian organizations equip women for ministry. She is currently at work on a book exploring ways in which men and women can work effectively together in ministry.

In her spare time (what’s that?) she loves to run and to bake bread. She lives in Littleton, CO, with her husband, Paul, and their two daughters, Ellie and Viv. Soli deo gloria.

Kaleo Liaisons

Ryan Beerwinkle

Along with his research at the Kaleo Project, Ryan Beerwinkle is pursuing an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Denver Seminary. Ryan hopes to use his counseling degree to both offer better care for those inside and outside the church, and to further pursue the integration of Psychology and Theology in the church. After receiving a Bachelor in Theology from Ozark Christian College, Ryan spent the majority of the last 4 years working at church plants in Ventura California and Limerick Ireland as well as ministering here in the states. He has also invested significant portions of time volunteering in fundraising campaigns for Lifewater International. These campaigns included a backpacking trip across a portion of Australia and a 100 day run across the USA, helping raise over $140k for clean drinking water and basic sanitation projects.

Ryan believes in the Kaleo project ultimately because he believes in the local church and its roll connecting people to Jesus. The millennial generation is his generation. He thinks they have so much to offer the church. He is am excited to find better ways to help these people find their place in the family of God. Before starting grad school this fall, Ryan used to read for pleasure. Currently, in his spare time Ryan is shopping for a used Toyota (4wd 4runner or Tundra) in order to get deeper into the mountains to camp and fly fish with his wife, Kelli.

Jonathan Carr

Jonathan brings an inside perspective to the question of Millennial engagement in the church. With his history in a variety of denominations and contexts and as a Millennial himself, Jonathan has witnessed firsthand the shift in his generation's approach to church and spirituality. 

Jonathan is finishing a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Denver Seminary and is passionate about helping individuals and families find hope, develop resilience, and discover freedom through authentic healthy relationships. Jonathan grew up in North Dakota and received a Bachelor of Arts at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. While there he discovered his passion for counseling while serving children, adolescents, young adults, families, and seniors in a variety of environments, including school, church, prison, hospital, and wilderness settings. 

When not juggling the demands of grad school life, Jonathan can be found taking a ride on his bike, hitting the trails of Colorado, and socializing around the many craft breweries and roasteries in Denver.

Cole Comstock

Cole Comstock is a Masters of Divinity student at Denver Seminary. An avid adventurer, he enjoys getting characteristically lost in foothills and mountains, an activity he was able to further enjoy when he moved from Pittsburgh to Denver in 2014. In 2012, he graduated with honors from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, having exchanged his International Business major for a dual-concentration in English. He simply could not stop poring over literature and conversing with other students while wearing tweed jackets with elbow patches.

In 2015, he was accepted to Denver Seminary, where he now serves as a social media manager and researcher for the Kaleo Project. His passion for counseling Millennials stems from his journey through college and the tough years that followed. He believes firmly in his generation, the good it will achieve and its seldom recognized tenacity in bearing heavy social burdens. For fun, Cole enjoys hiking, mountain-biking, working out, and driving on winding mountain roads. His favorite book is A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway, followed closely in second by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

Liz Klemt

Liz Klemt is pursuing a Masters in Arts in Leadership at Denver Seminary and hopes to graduate in May 2018. Before attending seminary, she was a social worker at a nursing home in downtown Denver. She worked with residents who were mainly mentally ill and previously homeless. Through this experience, God revealed her love and passion for interacting with different generations and eventually led her to Denver Seminary. She hopes to continue work in intergenerational ministry after graduation.

She is from Harrisonburg, Virginia and attended college there at James Madison University, where she graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. While the majority of her family resides on the east coast, the west has caught her heart. She enjoys Colorado’s wonderful weather, great outdoors, and laid-back atmosphere. Liz loves experiencing new things and spent this past summer in Glacier National Park, working and doing ministry. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, she enjoys biking around Denver, practicing yoga, and searching for the perfect pizza.

Brian Moore

Brian recently moved to Denver, CO from Los Angeles, CA. He graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a B.A. in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication Studies. He is currently working towards a Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary. Brian loves the Church and yearns to shine the light of Christ throughout the world. He is passionate about walking with young adults through every season helping them see the Lord’s redemptive hand at work in their story. Brian is a loving shepherd, empathic relator, servant leader, perceptive teacher and visionary communicator.

He enjoys hearing people’s stories and developing deep, long-lasting relationships. In his spare time he expresses his creativity through writing, photography, and music. He is always ready for an adventure, and the Rocky Mountains continually beckon him. He has been a lifelong fan of the Denver Broncos, Star Wars, and C.S. Lewis. He was inspired by the book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller and believes that moving across the country was just the beginning of his part in the epic story that the Lord is writing.

Christopher Wynn

Christopher is best known as a connector. Pursuing a MDiv with a concentration in leadership, Chris describes his passion as causing people to live life together by connecting them to one another. Armed with an enjoyment of differences, he particularly enjoys finding ways of connecting individuals between whom divisions exist. Chris hopes to later lead dually within the church environment, serving in the role of a connections pastor, and within the broader culture, founding organizations designed with the aim of connecting individuals. He hopes to use these organizations to develop practices which organically drive the process of diverse individuals getting to know one another and growing in their understanding of one another.

Christopher completed his bachelors in Aviation Technology at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Prior to his call to ministry, he pursued a career as a pilot. While ministry and entrepreneurship are his career ambitions, Chris fully intends to continue his passion of flying as a hobby. Christopher and his beautiful wife have been married for close to five years. They have a beautiful three-year-old daughter and an energetic two-year-old son whom they enjoy spending their free time with. They also enjoy hiking and biking the Colorado outdoors and taking up lessons in Latin dancing.