The Preaching Initiative

The Preaching Initiative

The Preaching Initiative trains current and future pastors, as well as lay people, to be better preachers. The initiative includes elective courses in homiletics for students, annual preaching conferences, and preaching cluster groups where students and non-students alike can hone their preaching skills in a relational setting.

The Concept

Pastors do many things, but in most cases, nothing is as visible as their preaching. A seminary education prepares men and women for pastoral roles, but preaching is just one of a number of topics covered in a typical seminary curriculum. Where can current and former seminary students go to learn more about preaching? Some pastors do not even have the opportunity to attend seminary. Where can they go for help?

Denver Seminary's Preaching Initiative is helping to answer these questions. The initiative provides a solution to the widespread need for better training in how to most effectively communicate God's truth to modern society.

Our Methodology

There is more than one way to preach. Even so, we believe training is most effective when we focus on one well-attested method - "big idea" expository preaching. Denver Seminary has a long history and expertise in training its students in this method, and it is the primary approach the Preaching Initiative incorporates as well. The initiative has three main components:

  1. Course Electives in Homiletics for Denver Seminary Students and Alumni.
  2. Annual Preaching Events that feature excellent preachers.
  3. Preaching Cluster Groups: These groups combine instructional content from Denver Seminary homiletics courses with opportunities to preach, all in a relational setting facilitated by an expert pastor-preacher.

Cost and Registration

There are three registration categories for the preaching cluster groups.

  1. First-time registration: $100/semester
  2. Returning registration: $50/semester
  3. Denver Seminary Alumni: $35/semester

Current Denver Seminary students can participate by registering for an advanced homiletics course through the MyDenSem webpage, and will receive 2 hours of academic credit.

Registration Process

There are two ways to register for a Preaching Cluster Group depending upon payment type. If you would like to pay via cash or check, please click the left registration link below; or, if you'd like to pay via credit card, click the right registration link.

Register Cash/Check Register Credit Card

Preaching Initiative Video Resources

To view the Preaching Inititative videos, please visit our Vimeo site.