Experts Guide

Experts Guide

Journalists, reporters, prospective students, and others are encouraged to contact our faculty for expert quotes, thoughts, information, and conversation on various topics concerning Christianity, culture, and faith. Our faculty are prominent speakers, writers, practitioners, and teachers in various fields of study and are ready to engage the local community, and the world, regarding questions in these areas.

For questions regarding topics not listed here or any other media related questions, contact or 1.800.922.3040.

Faith and Work

Dan Steiner, ThM

Mentoring Director
Education: MDiv and ThM from Denver Seminary,  BA in Youth Ministry from Western Baptist College (now Corban University)
Expertise: Dan has been a cohort leader for three years for the 5280 Fellows program of the Denver Institute for Faith and Work. He has spoken and preached in churches on the subject of faith and work and presented at conferences such as Business for the Common Good and The Faith @ Work Summit. He lectures on subjects related to faith and work, and collaborates with students in relationship to their professional development and the theological integration of their work. He's active in ongoing research specifically in the areas of hermeneutics and the faith and work movement, calling, Christology, and theological anthropology.
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Heather Davediuk Gingrich, PhD

Professor of Counseling
Education: PhD from the University of the Philippines, MA from Wheaton College Graduate School, BA from Carleton University in Canada
Expertise: Dr. Heather Davediuk Gingrich is an expert on complex trauma which is chronic, relational trauma such as child physical, sexual, psychological, and spiritual abuse. A subspecialty is dissociative disorders, including dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder). She has authored several books, book chapters, journal articles, and magazine articles on the topic including Restoring the Shattered Self: A Christian Counselor’s Guide to Complex Trauma.
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Doug Groothuis, PhD

Professor of Philosophy
Education: PhD from the University of Oregon, MA in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, BS from the University of Oregon
Expertise: As a philosopher, Dr. Groothuis has long considered "the problem of evil"--How can we believe in a God who is all-good and all-powerful when there is so much suffering in the world? He has argued in Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith (InterVarsity Press, 2011) that Christianity better accounts for evil than any other worldview. He has also explored a biblical mode of facing evil existentially: lament. Many biblical writers and characters lament by pouring out their souls to God when they are wounded, afraid, or disappointed. Jesus lamented on the Cross, "My God, my God. Why have you forsaken me?" Dr. Groothuis has written about lament and his own lament over his wife's illness in Walking through Twilight: A Wife's Illness--A Philosopher's Lament (InterVarsity Press, 2017) as well as in Christianity Today and Mutuality.
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Cultural Competency 

Wilmer Ramírez, ThM

Associate Dean for Programming with Ethnic Communities and Director of Hispanic Initiatives
Education: Currently pursuing a PhD from Biola University, ThM, MA, and BA in theology from the Central America Theological Seminary (SETECA) in Guatemala 
Expertise: Cultural Competency in our global era shapes the way we think of and relate to diversity in every context including theological education and ministry. Thus, for the last eight years Professor Ramirez has devoted hundreds of hours to understand how we grow interculturally and develop the skills and knowledge necessary for effective intercultural relations. In that process he has conducted numerous interviews and focus groups with Hispanic students and faculty in theological institutions. He obtained a Certification to use and interpret results of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) which offers an empirical measurement of the Intercultural Development for individuals, groups, organizations, and educational programs. Currently, he is in the final stages of his PhD Program (ABD) in Educational Studies at Biola University. 
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Gender and Theology

Lynn H. Cohick, PhD

Provost and Dean; Professor of New Testament
Education: PhD in New Testament and Christian Origins from the University of Pennsylvania, BA in Bible and Religion from Messiah College
Expertise: Dr. Cohick researches women in the ancient world, especially focusing on women and religion, and the way gender affects how we read ancient texts. She's also studied women in the New Testament, and New Testament teachings about women, men and gender, to better understand the text. She authored Women in the World of the Earliest Christians and co-authored Christian Women in the Patristic World: Their Influence, Authority, and Legacy in the Second Through Fifth Centuries. She writes and speaks frequently for various publications on the topic of gender and theology.
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Missions/Global Ministry  

Mark Young, PhD

PhD in Educational Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, ThM in New Testament Literature and Exegesis from Dallas Theological Seminary
Expertise: Dr. Mark Young is a theological educator and pastoral leader with almost 40 years of global ministry experience. Prior to becoming president of Denver Seminary in 2009, he served as professor of World Missions and Intercultural Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) from 1995-2009. Mark and his wife, Priscilla, were involved in theological training and local church ministry with WorldVenture in Eastern Europe for 14 years. They lived in Vienna, Austria, for four years while ministering throughout the former Soviet bloc. They relocated to Poland and experienced firsthand the world-changing events of 1989. Mark was the founding academic dean of Evangelical Theological Seminary in Wroclaw, Poland. He has travelled extensively, both domestically and internationally, as a teacher, consultant and missions leader, and he has written and spoken on issues in theological education and mission for numerous international symposia and conferences. His life passion is to align all that he is and all that he does with the eternal purpose of God—that all people in all places worship Him alone.
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Patty Pell, MA

Director of Justice and Mission Program
Education: MA in Biblical Studies - Old Testament from Denver Seminary, BA from the University of Wyoming  
Expertise: Professor Pell is the founder of the International Training Institute through Network Beyond that provides theological and ministry education in partnership with ministries in Uganda, Kenya, and Peru. She led a church planting team that established a congregation among the Karenni people group in Greeley, CO. And she led student summer teams to India and Kenya focused on medical missions, church planting, compassion ministries, education, and evangelism. She authored Hospitality: God’s Call to Compassion with IVP.
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End Times 

David L. Mathewson, PhD

Associate Professor of New Testament
PhD in New Testament from the University of Aberdeen, MA from Denver Seminary, BA from Colorado Christian University
Expertise: The majority of Dr. Mathewson’s research and writing has focused on the book of Revelation and End Times (eschatology) topics. He is primarily interested in interpreting the book of Revelation. He also has interest in views on the millennium and on the New Creation and how that forms our hope for the future.
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Reliability of the Bible 

Craig Blomberg, PhD

Distinguished Professor of New Testament
Education: PhD in New Testament, specializing in the parables and the writings of Luke-Acts, at Aberdeen University in Scotland, MA from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School,  BA from Augustana College
Expertise: Dr. Blomberg has written The Historical Reliability of the Gospels, 2nd ed. (IVP, 2007), The Historical Reliability of John’s Gospel (IVP, 2001), and The Historical Reliability of the New Testament (B & H, 2016) as well as a variety of articles on the topic. It is the single most common topic on which he is invited to speak, be interviewed on radio or tv, do podcasts on, etc. He frequently gets invited to teach courses on the historical reliability of the Gospels.
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Mark Young, PhD

Education: PhD in Educational Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, ThM in New Testament Literature and Exegesis from Dallas Theological Seminary
Expertise: Dr. Mark Young is a theological educator and pastoral leader with almost 40 years of global ministry experience. He has been involved in mission agencies, churches, and higher education. He authored a chapter titled “Recapturing Evangelical Identity and Mission” in the book Still Evangelical? Insiders Reconsider Political, Social, and Theological Meaning.
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David Buschart, PhD

Associate Dean and Professor of Theology and Historical Studies
Education: MPhil and PhD from Drew University, MDiv and ThM from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, BA from Wheaton College
Expertise: Dr. Buschart has been a member of the Evangelical Theological Society for 33 years as well a member of several national committees of the Evangelical Theological Society for the past 6 years. He teaches a course at the Seminary on “Evangelicals and Evangelical Theologies” and is an elder in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church denomination.
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Don J. Payne, PhD

Associate Professor of Theology and Christian Formation
Education: PhD in systematic theology from the University of Manchester, England, MDiv from Denver Seminary, BA from Tennessee Temple University
Expertise: Dr. Payne’s doctoral research on J.I. Packer involved extensive research into the history of evangelicalism in both the U.S. and the U.K., as the context for understanding Packer’s theology. That research is available in the published version of his dissertation, The Theology of the Christian Life in J.I. Packer’s Thought: Theological Anthropology, Theological Method, and the Doctrine of Sanctification (Paternoster/Wipf and Stock, 2006).
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