Job Board

Job Board


  • Lead Preschool Teacher
  • Posted: 5/3/2021
  • Salary/Range: $17.00 - $25.00+, commensurate with education and experience.
  • Location
  • Denver, CO


Treasureland Preschool has been a leader in Early Childhood Education in southeast Denver for more than 65 years. Its Level 5 Colorado Shines rated program nurtures curiosity and independence in young children through its child-driven, investigative curriculum model which is supported by the Colorado Early Learning Guidelines and the school’s Scope and Sequence.
Treasureland Preschool is a community which understands the power of a relationship-based early childhood learning environment. We believe in the immense value of play as a conduit for children’s exploration and discovery of their world. Founded on warm and supportive peer and adult relationships we invite curiosity, provoke critical thinking and foster social competence as we wonder, engage and inspire. The school values collaboration between co-teaching teams and professional and effective communication.
Treasureland is seeking two joyful, authentic and competent educators to join this part-day, school year preschool community. Early childhood teachers in our program plan and implement engaging, developmentally appropriate learning activities that promote inquiry, problem solving and critical thinking, and foster positive social interactions. All candidates should exhibit a true love for children and a passion for fostering their learning and development. Keen observational skills and the desire to work collaboratively and cooperatively with a co-teacher are critical.
To qualify, candidates must have the following:
• Associates degree or higher in Early Childhood Education or related field from an accredited institution, or Early Childhood Teacher qualification by the State of Colorado Human Services.
• Teaching experience within an early childhood environment.
• Positive guidance strategies with young children.
• Strong communication skills, oral and written.
• Confidence in curriculum planning and implementation of learning opportunities to support children’s overall development.
• Knowledge of Conscious Disciplines and investigative curriculum preferred.

To Apply: To request an application, please send a resume and cover letter to Sally Roberts at

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