Your Calling

Your Calling

If you are wondering if you are called, the answer is that every believer is called. Generally, we are called to “feed His sheep.” However, the call to go into the nations, making disciples, taking care of the widows and orphans, and seeking justice for the poor can look very different depending on your specific calling.

Seminary can prepare you for a wide range of careers, in and out of traditional ministry. So whether you are called to seek justice in the inner city among the marginalized or to be a pastor of a suburban church, seminary will prepare you. Perhaps your call is to be a licensed professional counselor or to work with children in a school, seminary will prepare you. What if you are meant to bring hope to those trapped in the sex-trade industry or to provide leadership to a parachurch organization working in an impoverished community, seminary will prepare you. Whether you are a counselor, a pastor, an accountant, a social worker, a missionary or a businessperson it doesn’t matter, the theological education that you receive at seminary will prepare you for a sustainable life as you live out your calling.

As you pursue your calling you’ll realize it’s a journey; and historically, in a believer’s journey there is a time set apart for training and discipleship. Sometimes it is before, but more often it is during the life of his or her ministry. Christ, Himself, regularly pulled His disciples aside from active ministry to teach them about the Kingdom of God. Later, the apostles saw the same need as they discipled believers in the early church. In this fast-moving, media-driven society that compels us to be interactively engaged at every turn, setting yourself apart literally and figuratively on the seminary campus is the modern equivalent to satisfy the longing for focused guidance in spiritual formation and education.

So are you starting to think seminary might be the place for you? Then, don’t let perceived obstacles stop you. We know seminary is rigorous, but in the midst of it you become changed, better, more complete. We know seminary is expensive, but if God is calling you He will provide. We know seminary is time consuming, but the same is true of all graduate level degree programs and time is often what’s needed to process the growth in knowledge and spiritual maturity that comes with a seminary education.

When it comes down to it, are you feeling called to attend seminary? If so, then take the next step. Continue your investigation and check out what makes Denver Seminary an amazing place to further your calling.

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