88 | Redemptive Counseling

88 | Redemptive Counseling
Denver Seminary
88 | Redemptive Counseling
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February 21, 2022 | Dr. Michell Temple

Dr. Michell Temple, assistant professor of Counseling, has a background in a variety of counseling applications, from cross-cultural counseling in eastern Europe to theater education for disabled persons. She joins to share her passion for narrative identity, resilience, and the use of imagination in counseling. This conversation brings Dr. Temple’s extensive academic insight into our experiences of hardship, healing, and encouragement.

They also discuss:

  • Disabled people and education in the arts
  • Finding your narrative identity in an individualistic culture
  • Pathology-based vs strength-based approaches
  • Resilience
  • Imagination in counseling
  • Cross-cultural counseling
“Emotional healing cannot happen on accident… there must be a motivation for the turmoil inside of us to quiet and cease.” Click To Tweet