Engaging all students in exemplary theological education

With a heart for the gospel and devotion to scholarly excellence, Denver Seminary has, for more than 70 years, prepared and sent thousands of graduates into the world, eager to work for the glory of God and confidently equipped to share the redemptive truths of Scripture.

Our community – represented by over 50 denominations – is uniquely known for demonstrating steadfast dedication to the unchanging foundations of biblical faith, our commitment to charitable orthodoxy, and the deep relationships formed among faculty and students. We offer fully-accredited MDiv, MA, ThM, and DMin degrees – as well as a PhD program and numerous specialized concentrations and certificate options. Denver Seminary has campuses in Littleton, Colo. and Washington DC, with on-campus, online, and blended options that make our education accessible. We are fully committed to making exemplary theological studies available for all students.

Our beliefs are lived tangibly through the pursuit of faith-filled scholarship, missional commitments, and the work of our 6,000 alumni who serve across the globe, meeting the needs of the world and sharing the life-changing power of the gospel every day.

Smiling male Denver Seminary student with beard looking directly at camera
Denver Seminary has challenged me to pursue answers academically and then apply them to my personal and professional life. That has carried over into how I minister as I’m bringing new information and a fresh conviction to everything I do.

Isaac Olivarez, MA in New Testament



50 denominations




degree programs


100% online programs

We are Guided by Our Core Commitments

In our pursuit of understanding the timeless truths of Scripture, our discussions, deeds and the manner in which we relate to one another are distinctly defined by a spirit of charitable orthodoxy.

As a community, we are committed to being known for relating to one another graciously, regardless of differing viewpoints. Our conversation is marked by compassion and respect and by listening before defending. In such, we foster a learning environment that upholds speaking truth in love as we strive toward our common goal of understanding Scripture and furthering God’s work in our world.

“At the heart of every believer’s calling is the ability to communicate the whole gospel clearly and compellingly. At Denver Seminary, we are committed to graduating students who are convinced that the redemptive power of the gospel and the life-changing truth of Scripture are the basis of ministry in every setting. ”
Dr. Mark Young, PRESIDENT

Two Distinct Locations & Global Campus

Denver, Colorado

Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is one of the most vibrant, up-and-coming regions in our nation. With live music and theatre, festivals, 20,000 acres of national parks nearby, 300 days of sunshine a year, the “Mile High City” is one of the most desirable locations in the country to call home.

Washington DC

Conveniently located in the Washington, DC metro area, Denver Seminary’s DC site provides theological training with the working adult in mind, with night, weekend and fully online degree programs.

Global Campus

Denver Seminary’s multiple online programs provide the flexibility for students to earn a degree in a fully remote format. Online students have access to the same expert faculty in a supportive cohort model.