The Kaleo Project

Over the last decade, researchers have tracked a rapid increase among Americans who claim no religious affiliation. In the last five years alone, the unaffiliated—popularly known as “the nones”—have increased from just over 15% to 20% of all U.S. adults. Where can the Millennial Nones be found in the Denver area? How can churches in the Denver area call out to them, inviting them into life-giving relationships? This is the focus and the mission of the Kaleo Project.

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Vernon Grounds Institute of Public Ethics

The Vernon Grounds Institute of Public Ethics provides environments and resources to educate, facilitate and train Seminary students, members of Christian leadership and the Christian community as a whole in the area of social ethics.

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Gordon Lewis Center for Christian Thought and Culture

The Lewis Center is an educational resource for the greater Denver area that seeks to train and equip believers, proclaim the truth of Christianity to unbelievers, and engage culture for the redemptive cause of Christ.

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Preaching Initiative

The Preaching Initiative trains current and future pastors, as well as lay people, to be better preachers. The initiative includes elective courses in homiletics for students, annual preaching conferences, and preaching cluster groups where students and non-students alike can hone their preaching skills in a relational setting.

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Urban Initiatives

The Urban Initiatives exist to serve Denver Seminary students who come from an African-American background. We facilitate activities, events, courses, discussion groups, media productions and seminars that will assist them in fulfilling their goals and objectives in ministry.

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Hispanic Initiatives / Iniciativas Hispanas

Hispanic Initiatives at Denver Seminary includes the IDEAL Institute, Worship Ministers Program, and the Marriage Mentoring Program.

Las Iniciativas Hispanas en el Seminario de Denver incluyen el IDEAL Institute, el Programa de Ministros de Adoración, y el Programa de Mentores Matrimoniales.

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Korean Initiatives

Denver Seminary's Korean Initiatives aims to develop pastoral and lay leadership among Korean Christians in metro Denver area. It is led by Dr. Sung Wook Chung who serves as director of the program.

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