Chaplaincy Scholarship

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Chaplains work among those who are not likely to be drawn to typical churches or ministries, and with that being the case, a chaplain has the privilege of acting as a spiritual leader who performs the same type of services and ceremonies as a pastor or priest in environments outside of the church. 

The purpose of the Chaplaincy Scholarship is to provide tuition assistance to deserving students enrolled in Masters’ level chaplaincy programs to provide students with broad-based biblical, theological, and pastoral training needed to participate in clinical settings where ministry is being practiced. 

  • Recipient will be a full-time student (as established by the Seminary catalog) at Denver Seminary, enrolled in a Master’s level program with a concentration in chaplaincy. If there are no qualified full-time students at the time of distribution of the funds, a part-time student may qualify as a recipient;
  • Recipient must demonstrate financial need and be in good academic standing;
  • Recipient must be committed to pursuing a career of full-time chaplaincy ministry upon graduation. Recipient must complete a one-page essay that discusses their future chaplaincy plans subsequent to graduation;
  • Scholarship may be renewed each year until the recipient graduates, as long as the recipient meets the above criteria and the degree is completed within the time period stated in the catalog.

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