Doctor of Ministry Scholarship

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Your contributions to the Doctor of Ministry Scholarship provide tuition assistance for active, full-time students enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Program at Denver Seminary. The DMin degree program is an intense program of study, placing substantial financial burdens on students who are often juggling family, ministry, studies, and work to make ends meet.  This fund was established to help ease the financial burden, enabling those in need to complete their studies.

“My family and I live in California, where I serve as an ordained minister… While all my duties are personally and spiritually rewarding, my true passion is discipleship. My goal is to expand the discipleship program to include many more adults and youth. The aim of my doctoral thesis is grounding discipleship students in an understanding of the Bible, particularly the more difficult passages of the Old Testament. Thank you so much for your generosity in providing for the Doctor of Ministry Scholarship!” 

– Scholarship Recipient, 2018-2019
  • Recipients will be full-time students at Denver Seminary, as established by the Seminary catalog, enrolled in the DMin program. If there are no qualified full-time students at the time of distribution of the funds, a part-time student (taking less than full-time) may qualify as recipient.
  • Recipients must demonstrate financial need and be in good academic standing.
  • The scholarship may be renewed each year until the recipients graduate, as long as the recipients meet the above criteria and the degree is completed within the time-period stated in the catalog.

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