Engaging Hope Scholarship

bible in the grass with cross in the background

Denver Seminary has established an impactful term-endowed scholarship to provide maximum accessibility to future seminary students by offsetting the cost of our biblically-based, theologically-sound graduate education. More funding means more scholarships available for more students! This leads to less debt for more graduates who will engage more people with the redemptive power of the gospel and the life-changing truth of Scripture as we await Christ’s return. 

The Engaging Hope Scholarship makes theological education accessible to every community. Over the past eight years, The Engaging Hope Scholarship has played an essential role in recruiting and retaining students by opening a pathway for more students to access Denver Seminary’s quality education.

  • Recipient(s) can be a full-time student or part-time student (as established by the Seminary catalog) at Denver Seminary, pursuing their degree residentially or online.
    • Recipient(s) must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours.
    • 100% tuition coverage awards may only be awarded to full time students.
    • 50% tuition coverage awards may be awarded to both full time and part time students.
  • Recipient(s) may be enrolled in any degree program at Denver Seminary.
  • Recipient(s) must demonstrate financial need and be in good academic standing as determined by the Financial Aid Committee of the Seminary.
  • Scholarship may be renewed each year until the recipient graduates, if the recipient(s) meets the above criteria, and the degree is completed within the time stated in the catalog. The maximum term for this renewable fund award is 5 years.
  • Recipient(s) disbursement preference should be as follows:
    • Primary preference is given to Black or Hispanic students.
    • Secondary preference is given to international students.
    • Tertiary preference is given to any student with expressed need at Denver Seminary.

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