Gardner Family Scholarship

Group Of Students Joking And Getting To Know Each Other

The Gardner Family Scholarship provides assistance to students who are preparing for parachurch ministry. These are students with a zest and a passion, in whom is seen potential for high impact in their area of ministry. Primary recipients are students seeking their Master of Arts (MA) degree with a focus on Leadership. Secondary recipients are students seeking their MA in Counseling with a focus on Marriage and Family Counseling.

“Most of my life, I have had the desire to bring the gospel into other parts of the world. Recently, I focused my efforts on increasing the longevity of missionaries currently on the field. It is my hope to establish a team of counselors, whose focus is to help missionaries find healing and restoration, in order to continue bringing the gospel to unreached people. Thank you for the tremendous blessing of this scholarship! It is an incredible honor to receive such generosity and support.”

– Scholarship Recipient, 2017-2019

  • Recipients will be full-time students (as established by the Seminary catalog) at Denver Seminary, enrolled in the Master of Arts program with a focus on leadership. Secondarily, students in the Master of Arts program in Counseling, with a focus on marriage and family counseling, may qualify.
  • Recipients must demonstrate financial need and be in good academic standing.
  • Scholarships may be renewed each year until the recipients graduate, as long as they meet the above criteria and the degree is completed within the time period stated in the catalog.

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