Growth and Enrollment

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Since the 1950s, Denver Seminary has been a leading evangelical graduate school, training and equipping new generations for a broad range of missional vocations. As market trends and opportunities shift, the Seminary is committed to making necessary innovations and offering new modes of learning to attract and retain students. This effort requires ongoing investment, analysis, and resources to remain effective and relevant.

Your financial gift supports the continued work of our Student Life and Enrollment Management (SLEM) team, along with marketing and communications efforts. Our SLEM team comes alongside students as they engage in the enrollment process, become students, and complete their degree. This team offers encouragement, guidance, support, and hands-on services to care for and serve our students with grace and professionalism.

Additionally, our communications and marketing teams seek to disseminate accurate, appealing, and compelling messages and materials to effectively communicate the vision, mission, and programs of Denver Seminary. We want people to know how they, and others, can benefit from the quality of education offered by the Seminary, as they seek to expand in their knowledge and faith.

When you invest in enrollment growth initiatives, you are a partner in our mission to prepare men and women to engage the needs of the world with the redemptive power of the gospel and the life-changing truth of Scripture.

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You can support the mission of Denver Seminary by investing in our school’s growth and enrollment effort. With your gift, we are better positioned to do the work needed to grow our student body, market our programs, and expand our influence locally and globally for the sake of the gospel. Please donate today.

“These critical investments directly contribute to student financial needs and program development – both of which provide countless opportunities for future Kingdom leaders to enroll and be effectively trained to engage the needs of the world. Your investment directly contributes to the expansion and development of God’s Kingdom through the lives of our students.”

– Dusty Di Santo, Vice President of Student Life and Enrollment Management

“When I enrolled at Denver Seminary, I expected to be formed academically, but what I did not anticipate was the extent to which my MDiv formed me spiritually….My education at Denver Seminary taught me to be a more reflective and thoughtful Christian. It deepened my faith and was used by God to facilitate a deeper love for Him. I am grateful that my seminary experience prepared me to not just be a better preacher and theologian, but also a better disciple of Christ.”

– Brian Gehr, Alumni, MDiv

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