Inner City Endowed Scholarship

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In December of 2001, West Side Kings, an association established by Pastor Donald Brueschwyler, generously provided the funds for an endowed scholarship that would allow students with a passion for urban ministry to attend Denver Seminary. Through West Side Kings, Donald spent countless hours mentoring and sponsoring teenagers from the inner city to pursue higher education, establishing programs to engage the youth, and working alongside the poor and homeless. He also emphasized the importance of people returning to these communities to create a multi-ethnic church body that represented the family of God. To honor his vision and commitment, the Inner City Endowed Scholarship Fund was formed to enable students to be equipped in transforming urban communities by being an example of Christ. Your gifts to the Inner City Endowed Scholarship Fund are vital for equipping a new generation of urban church and parachurch leaders.

“Various youth development programs made an impact on my young life and, as a result, my choices in adulthood. Today, I have a passion for giving back to the community of youth. The Youth and Family Studies program falls in line with God’s call on my life to help bridge the gap between youth, their families, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a holistic approach—to look at who we are as individuals while also remembering our family roots and how those roots effect who we grow to be in mind, body, and soul. My goal is to start a faith-based, non-profit, parachurch ministry that offers youth and family services to under-served individuals. Thank you for awarding me with the Inner City Scholarship which has helped to relieve some my financial anxiety.” 

– Scholarship Recipient

  • Recipients must be planning on working in the inner city upon graduation or are currently working in the inner city;
  • Recipients must be, at minimum, part-time students (5 semester hours);
  • Recipients must be of qualified academic achievement and in need of financial assistance.

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