Kepner International Student Scholarship

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Gifts to the Kepner International Student Scholarship directly impact students who, in turn, impact communities around the world in the name of Christ. Primary recipients of this scholarship are international students from among the world’s poorest nations, who intend to return to their home countries to serve after completing their seminary education.

Student recipients must be full-time, international students with the desire and intent to return to a ministry context within their country of origin.

“While serving with Cru in Albania, among high school and university students, my wife and I began to develop an evangelistic and apologetic ministry using digital tools and the internet. We realized that we needed better training to meet the needs of those around us. Our education at Denver Seminary prepared us to address the difficult questions of others concerning the Christian faith. Every piece of the training we received will be a tool for us to use. As we return to our home nation of Albania, we are forever grateful for the financial assistance we received through the Kepner scholarship.”

– Scholarship Recipient, 2018-2019

  • The recipients must be full-time students.
    • Priority will be given to qualified students from Africa or from a home country with a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) less than 10% in dollars of the United States per capita GDP.
    • If there are no qualified students from the above criteria, international students will be the secondary qualification.
    • If there are no qualified students from the above criteria, students with the intention of leaving the United States to serve in international missions will be the third qualification.
  • Recipients must demonstrate financial need and be in good academic standing as determined by the Financial Aid Committee of the Seminary.
  • Be willing to sign a good-faith statement that they plan to return to their home country to serve immediately after graduation. For students from the United States, they must be willing to sign a good-faith statement that they plan to serve in international missions upon graduation.
  • Scholarship may be renewed each year until the recipients graduate, as long as they meet the above criteria and the degree is completed within the time period stated in the catalog.

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