Korean Global Program

The purpose of the Fund is to provide a repository of funds to facilitate the advancement of Korean Global Program whereby a Korean language Master of Divinity program and related Master of Arts programs will be offered through our Global Campus.

Our students in the Korean Global Program serve God’s kingdom in many ways, but most notably through global mission. Korean Christians are intensely enthusiastic for a world mission, and, as a nation, Korea sends the largest number of missionaries per capita into global mission. Through the Denver Seminary Korean Global Program, students earn an MA in Biblical and Theological Studies or an MDiv, fully online and in the Korean language. In 2019, we expanded our Korean Global Program to make it possible for even more Korean students to study here. Your support for this program makes it possible for these students to join their peers in the mission to share the life-changing truth of Scripture.  

“Our Korean and Korean- American students have wonderful visions of spreading the gospel of grace in Christ all over the world. Your investment helps to make this possible.”

-Dr. Sung Wook Chung, Professor of Christian Theology and Director of Korean Global Program

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