School Counseling and Mental Health Initiative

School administrators and counselors are on the front lines seeking to address the challenges students face including anxiety brought on by Covid-19 and racial tensions, suicide, bullying, substance abuse, depression, and fear of school violence. Due to a serious lack of funding and effective training, however, many schools are struggling to successfully meet the needs of their communities.

Denver Seminary is helping to address the mental health crises schools are facing through the School Counseling and Mental Health Initiative, and we welcome your support, as we work with strategic partners to make real, positive, lasting change. As the only seminary in the nation offering a fully accredited MA in Counseling with a concentration in school counseling, Denver Seminary is uniquely poised to lead this charge.

There is a keen awareness of the need for clinically trained counselors and clinically informed educators and administrators in schools. Through the School Counseling and Mental Health Initiative, Denver Seminary and our partners will:

  • Facilitate trainings for educators, equipping them with skills and knowledge to address the mental health needs of their students and communities.
  • Increase research-based knowledge and collaboration between Denver-area school systems, mental health providers, and Denver Seminary.
  • Research the mental health needs of Denver-area students to collaboratively develop interventions and programming in schools to decrease the impact of mental health issues on students, families, school staff, and communities.
  • Generate research and evidence-based practice knowledge that will be disseminated nationally.

This initiative is one crucial piece of a much larger puzzle of addressing school safety and mental health. For Denver Seminary, it is another way God has called us to prepare men and women to engage the needs of the world through the redemptive power of the gospel and the life-changing truth of Scripture.

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