Soul Care Initiative

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The Denver Seminary Soul Care Initiative (SCI) hosts retreats for pastors and faith leaders along the Front Range as well as offers credentialed training in the practice of spiritual direction.

The SCI extends Jesus’ invitation, “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest,” to the pastors and faith leaders of the Front Range. SCI retreats cultivate personal spiritual renewal to help sustain local pastoral leaders in the midst of demanding daily life and ministry. 

Cultivating an authentic connection with God from which all of life flows is the greatest challenge facing senior pastoral leaders. The demands of ministry cause many leaders to lose their abiding connection with the God who invited them to serve together in the first place, leaving them increasingly exhausted and burned out as their careers continue. Executive-level leaders are longing for local mentorship, peer community, and spiritual leadership in how to live all of life with God.

The premier soul care offering for leaders of the SCI is the Praxis, a nine-month cohort of up to 25 senior-level pastors and faith leaders in the Denver area who are hungry for a deeper, more integrated experience of life with God. Through transformative soul care, the cultivation of spiritual rhythms, and physical rest, The Praxis empowers these leaders to sustainably shepherd their circles of influence—including their families, staff, and congregations—and flourish in their calling. As one alumnus boldly stated, I mean it when I say the Praxis changed everything for me.

Hear from Praxis alumni in the video below and consider a gift to help ensure the continuation of this important work:

Your contributions to the SCI directly support soul care retreats and experiences for pastors and faith leaders throughout the Front Range.

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