Vernon Grounds Endowed Chair of Pastoral Ministry and Societal Ethics

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From 1951 to 2010, Dr. Vernon C. Grounds served as professor, academic dean, president, and chancellor at Denver Seminary. During those years, Dr. Grounds shaped Denver Seminary profoundly, touching the lives of thousands of students, pastors, leaders, and co-workers. With his keen mind, deep compassion, and generous spirit, he provided spiritual and personal counsel to those seeking answers to difficult ethical questions and guidance to pastors wrestling with these and other issues. Dr. Grounds believed that the answers to tough questions were grounded in the application of the Scriptures to the challenges of life.

The Vernon C. Grounds Endowed Chair is one of the ways Denver Seminary seeks to perpetuate the legacy of Dr. Grounds. The Denver Seminary professor who occupies this chair will wear the mantel of this great man and be chosen to exemplify the qualities that best described Dr. Grounds. This professor’s time will be focused on research and teaching in areas such as pastoral care, theology, philosophy of religion, and social ethics. The professor will also provide leadership for the programs of the Vernon Grounds Institute that are designed to empower Christians to fulfill the biblical injunction to be “salt and light” and to “shine like stars” in a dark and depraved world (Mat. 5, Phil. 2:14-15).

“Here is no unanchored liberalism – freedom to think without commitment. Here is no encrusted dogmatism – commitment without freedom to think. Here is a vibrant evangelicalism – commitment with freedom to think within the limits laid down in Scripture.”
– Dr. Vernon Grounds

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