Walt Cochran International Endowed Scholarship

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The Walt Cochran International Endowed Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to train and equip international students, from outside the United Stated and Canada, who are committed to returning to their home countries to share and spread the Gospel. Secondarily, this scholarship may assist students who are pursuing full-time mission service in foreign countries, outside the United States and Canada.

“I came to seminary with a background in mechanical and aerospace engineering; however, I had interests in learning more about the Bible and missions. Though I had imagined myself in a supporting role to mission work through financial support and prayer, God had another plan for me. After graduation, I plan to go into the mission field where I hope to use both my engineering background and my seminary education. Thank you for your generosity through the Walt Cochran Scholarship that has helped make it possible for me to pursue and receive education at Denver Seminary.”
-Scholarship Recipient, 2018-2019

  • Recipients must be full-time international students. “International student” is defined as a student who is not from the United States or Canada and is planning to live and serve in ministry outside of the United States and Canada after graduation;
  • In the event that there are no qualifying international students, recipients must be full-time students preparing for full-time, residential missions, serving in a country outside of the United States and Canada, in other words, someone who will be living and serving outside of the United States and Canada. This would not include someone preparing to serve in the United States headquarters of an international mission agency;
  • If a suitable recipient is not found in a given year, based on the criteria outlined in the scholarship agreement, the scholarship will not be awarded until a subsequent year when there is a qualifying recipient;
  • Recipients must be of high academic achievement and in need of financial assistance.

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