Denver Seminary Statistics

Denver Seminary Statistics

Enrollment Statistics

The below information is reflective of the enrollment on the census date of fall 2016.

6,000+  Alumni
913 Current Students
50+ Denominations
13 Masters Level Programs of Study
31 Faculty Members
260 MDiv Students
487 MA Students
100 DMin Students
272 Counseling Students
56%(507) Percentage of Male Students
44%(394) Percentage of Female Students
33 Average age Master's Level
53 Average Age Doctoral Level

Graduation Rates

Click here to view graduation rates for all Denver Seminary programs.

Retention Rates

2011-2012 – 81.1%
2012-2013 – 82.4%
2013-2014 – 83%
2015-2016 – 82%

Placement Rates*

MDiv students 
54% found placement within their vocational field of study
31% were still seeking placement
9% planned to pursue further study

MA students, non-counseling 
52% found placement within their vocational field of study
28% were still seeking placement

MA students, Clinical Mental Health Counseling 
Detailed statistics and placement data for this program can be found near the bottom of this page, under “Program Descriptive Data.”

*students graduating spring 2016

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