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In our introductory episode, President Mark Young and Rob Foley, dean of students, discuss the catalyst behind Engage360 and the major changes occurring in modern theological education, with our host Don Payne.

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Expect More from Seminary

In recent years Denver Seminary has gone through extensive changes. We launched several fully online degrees, including: our esteemed MDiv, a 39-hour MA (Biblical and Theological Studies), a MA in Leadership, and our flexible MA (Christian Studies). We’ve also redesigned our curriculum, launched a Master of Theology (ThM) degree, and a new MA in Counseling.

Why the changes?

That’s easy. The world has changed. Keep Reading

“Denver Seminary offers an educational experience that will truly transform you and set you on a pathway to do what God’s called you to do.”

Dr. Mark Young, President

News & Events

Engage Magazine Spring 2019

The Spring 2019 edition of Engage Magazine focuses on the effects of Jesus' resurrection for the church, featuring Dr. Lynn H. Cohick's article "The Resurrected Christ and His Body."

Q Commons Denver

At this live event, hear from local speakers, as well as journalist Malcolm Gladwell, pastor Francis Chan, and author Rebekah Lyons, as we explore new ways to thoughtfully engage our communities.

A Theology of Marriage Conference

This conference is designed to help those who work with married or engaged couples, to ensure they are better equipped for a marriage grounded in Scripture.

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