PhD Funding Sources

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Denver Seminary understands that there are many steps along the way to transforming your career and meeting the present needs of the world. In continued commitment to our mission to attract and retain exceptional students, the Counseling Division and Denver Seminary are invested in helping put your PhD within reach. Funding is available in a variety of formats as well as recommendations for pursuing support external to Denver Seminary. For additional information on Financial Aid, reach out to your Admissions Counselor. 

Personal and Organization Sponsorship

The PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision Program is designed for working professionals with existing roles in clinical, organization, academic, and community-wide organizations. The financial aid team regularly collaborates with church or organization partnerships arranged by students where a tuition is partially covered by their church or sponsoring organization. Where have you invested in relationships with your time and skills to further the community around you in a way that may lead to a partnership?

Graduate Assistant Positions

The Counseling Division is in need of additional support in the clinical, program development, and organizational aspects of the MA in Counseling programs. These roles vary from solely grading focused positions to larger roles assisting professors. In addition, some positions may be available that include up to 10 hours a week in specific areas of the Counseling Division, which will align well with Clinical, Instruction, Leadership, Research, and Supervision roles within the PhD Program.

Adjunct Faculty Roles

In addition to the above mentioned opportunities, the Counseling Division recognizes the quality of students who are attracted to the PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision program. The Counseling Division Adjunct Faculty Pool is always growing and is consistently utilized to bring our MA students the most talented and specialized faculty we can offer. These adjunct faculty roles are not likely to be available until Year Three of a student’s program. MA-level adjunct faculty are currently paid at the rate of $800/credit hour.