DTL Seminary Bookshelf

colorful stacks of books with student sitting at table in front

Want digital access to tons of eBooks? As Denver Seminary alumni, you can get discounted access to the Digital Theological Library’s (DTL) Seminary Bookshelf. With your membership, you’ll gain access to DTL’s ever growing library.

The Seminary Bookshelf now contains:

  • Over 1,300,000 eBooks,
  • Over 850,000 eBooks from the last 25 years,
  • Over 400,000 eBooks from the last 10 years, and
  • Over 125,000 eBooks from the last 5 years.

Base price for individual member access is $10 a month.

More Info

The library has a very strong emphasis on biblical studies, theology, church history, and practical theology. The library adds hundreds of new titles monthly. Nearly all of the books are downloadable. The books are chosen by seminary professors and curated by professional librarians.

Alumni Discounts

Denver Seminary Alumni are eligible for one of two discount options:

  • A free trial for three months (use code: dtlalum25)
  • A 25% discount with an annual membership (use code: callmerev23)

Note: The Free Trial is a one-time offer with no additional discount. After 3 months, the member is charged the normal $10 monthly fee. The 25% is renewable for as long as the person remains a member of the library.