138 | Resilience, Community, and God’s Faithfulness

138 | Resilience, Community, and God’s Faithfulness
Denver Seminary
138 | Resilience, Community, and God’s Faithfulness
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May 6, 2024 | Kelly Minter

Reflecting on her experiences in life and ministry, Kelly Minter—author, musician, Bible teacher, and MA Biblical and Theological Studies student—examines the importance of being in community as we pursue God, both to grow our perspectives and to be encouragement to one another. She also discusses the importance of resilience in following God’s leading, and His faithfulness through the ups and downs of life.

"It’s not the circumstance that does the refining; the Lord does the refining. But I think if we cooperate with Him in those hard, disappointing moments, He does sanctify us. I think it's made me a more gracious person. And I hope I… Click To Tweet "It has been awesome to see each journey not be a dead end. . . It's like rivers flowing into a bigger body of water, that flows into a different body of water. It might change, but nothing's wasted." Kelly Minter, Engage360 episode… Click To Tweet