87 | Farewell Reflections with Dr. Craig Blomberg

87 | Farewell Reflections with Dr. Craig Blomberg
Denver Seminary
87 | Farewell Reflections with Dr. Craig Blomberg
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February 7, 2022 | Dr. Craig Blomberg

Dr. Craig Blomberg has been one of the leading voices in the field of New Testament studies for 40 years. His contributions around the historical Jesus, the exegetical method, gender roles, financial stewardship, and more continue to influence the evangelical world. He joins host Don Payne to reflect on his career as a prolific writer and professor, how his perspectives have evolved over the years, the legacy he hopes to leave at Denver Seminary, and evangelicalism at large.

They also discuss:

  • Contemporary application in the seminary classroom
  • His prolific writing career in New Testament studies
  • Egalitarianism, complementarianism, and servant leadership
  • The tension of the responsibilities of God’s people with the freedoms in Christ
  • Seminary education for the lay Christian
  • The future of technology in the classroom
“We talk a lot about servant leadership. Christians know in our heart of hearts that we should be servant leaders. But the way we come at it is we look for people who are leaders and then if they need to become more servant oriented… Click To Tweet “What we need to be doing is identifying people who are servants, and then if they need it, we’ll try to teach them some leadership qualities. Most of the conversation is about rights, power, privilege, about equality, and I just… Click To Tweet “If you study the grand narrative of Scripture, God’s people have responsibilities that trump, tender or mitigate the freedom in Christ that we have.” Click To Tweet “Every Christian should be so committed to their faith and to sharing it with others that they should want to have the kind of background that you get at least at a masters level.” Click To Tweet