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David Hionides, PhD

Senior Director of Learning, Assessment & Research

Dr. David Hionides is the director of Institutional Research and Educational Systems at Denver Seminary and assistant professor of Theology. Prior to joining Denver Seminary, he served in similar roles at Criswell College and Dallas Theological Seminary.

Dr. Hionides holds a PhD in Theological Studies and a ThM in Historical Theology and Systematic Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, as well as a BA in Communications from Malone University. He has served as an adjunct professor at Grace Life College and Seminary and Criswell College, where he taught on the New Testament and Church history, respectively. Dr. Hionides also served as a visiting professor for Seminario Telologico Hebron in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and a graduate teaching assistant at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Dr. Hionides is the author of Against “Irenaean” Theodicy: A Refutation of John Hick’s Use of Ireanaeus (Gorgias Press, 2019), and contributing author in The Least of These: Practicing Faith without Margins (NavPress, 2023), among other chapters and articles.

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