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Worship Ministry

Ministry Intern

Torn Curtain Arts
Posted: 05/26/2022
Salary/Range: $563 per month
Denver CO


We need YOU!

Quarter-time position for someone with the proactive, take charge strategic mind of an Executive, but with broader responsibilities, and who wants to make a real difference in churches.

Who are we?

The clients of Torn Curtain Arts are churches and creative leaders and artists, with churches ranging from 50 to 3,000. We help them get off the ministry treadmill of chasing Sundays and give them an emotional tool kit that makes them more productive members of their teams. We promote change, not knowledge. We have three main focus areas in our business 1) Substitute Worship Leading 2) worship coaching/mentoring 4 ) Creative events/productions. You will need to know something about all of them, but will focus more on Music Directing and the production support piece.

Our Core Values

We believe in Stakeholders who believe in what we’re doing, not employees who trade time for money. No one is an employee. Everyone is a Stakeholder because we only want people who will put a stake in the ground and “own” their work, not just do it. Employees have to be told what to do, Stakeholders are proactive and make the organization better.

We don’t have vacation policies or a central office. We believe in working together as a committed community to get results for each other and our clients.

Who are you?

You are a fit if:

  1. You are looking for a company where you will make a significant impact as an important and equal team member.
  2. You are highly proactive and detail oriented,
  3. You like a fluid, growing, expanding organization that is small, but growing.
  4. You enjoy meaningful work, a focus on RESULTS, detailed administrative work that you have to manage yourself, working very closely with other Stakeholders (people who are highly committed) and completely on your own from home with no one watching you, and if
  5. You enjoy helping us all figure out how to get there, then…

We could be a good fit for each other. You MUST be highly proactive and assert yourself as an equal team member with everyone else that you support on your team.

  • If you are looking for a highly structured box within which you will find a clear list of tasks to perform, somebody telling you what to do, or
  • If you don!t want to be proactive and don!t want to LEAD US in the above areas, then…

Please do not apply – we dont see life that way.

Once you learn the job, we want you thinking ahead of us, protecting our values, making suggestions for how to improve, and asserting yourself as one of the leaders in our company. We have no room for followers – we all lead from our areas of expertise, and we want that from you as well.

The ideal candidate has a bias toward action, a love for craft, an ability and desire to figure out systems that make things run smoothly.

The ideal candidate loves to serve others and make THEM successful – this is what leaders do, and people deeply respect them for that serving/leading approach to life. They will serve others most through researching opportunities, tackling the administrative, scheduling and planning tasks, help- ing build relationships with team members through regular interaction. This is a position for someone who wants to make meaning, not just money, and have an ongoing impact in the lives of the creative Christian artists in Denver.

They have a counter-logical “bright sadness,” to use the words of Fredrick Buechner, They are not afraid of emotions, tension, risk or anxiety. Regardless of their gender they know how to lean into their tender nurturing side as well as their decisive and strong side. They embrace a radical inclusivity that loves the most conservative evangelical as well as the most progressive universalist. They know doubt is just as important as faith and they are extremely suspicious of certainty.

This person lives in a world of abundance with the mindset, How can I make you successful?” not in a world of scarcity (there is only so much to go around, so I better get mine before I help you get yours.)

Responsibilities include:

  1. Living Out Our Four Core Values
    1. Be Conative: We make committed movement in a purposeful direction.
    2. Be Creative: We want everything to be beautiful.
    3. Be Consistent: We build trust over the long haul
    4. Be Caring: Empathy is our superpower.
  1. Living out our Purpose – “We Strengthen the Creative Soul of The Local Church. You don’t just work here, you get out of bed and look for ways to contribute to the beauty and goodness of the world wherever you are. You work with us because your values already align with ours and we give you a space to live out your purpose. We want to help Worship leaders and artists move forward in the own businesses. You have to take on this vision and make it your own like everyone at our company. It’s not a nice statement on a wall, but a way we live at work and at home.
  1. Living out our Mission statement “ Get Leaders Off the Ministry Treadmill Too many Worship leaders are burned out and have forgotten that their calling was supposed to be fun and fulfilling. We are first focused on learning how to embody a growing creative soul ourselves as we lead others in strengthening their own soul.
  1. The mindset of an “owner”. We are all “Stakeholders” (fully committed and engaged staff), and no matter how many hours you spend with us, you’re as much a part of what we do as anyone. You need to have that mindset – you are an incredibly valuable part of our team and our customers will get to know you and lean on you to help them.
  1. The mindset of an Adult – We’re not looking for someone who needs to be told what to do, when to show up, what time recess is, and when they can go home. We’re looking for some- one who is a self-managed, self-motivated adult who knows what RESULT we want, and en-

joys taking the bull by the horns to get it done, without being watched, managed or directed. There are no managers at TCA, and none of us “manage” each other. We all work together in community to get things done, and we need someone who will join us as an equal team mem- ber, not as an “underling” or employee/child.

  1. Learning something that stretches you One of our core values is creativity and we be- lieve what continues to make us creative is a growth mindset and a default to curiosity. So everyone is expected to be reading (or listening to) at least one book each month that im- proves your creativity, spiritual growth or leadership in some way that stretches you. You get to choose the book but should be ready to tell the rest of the team what you are learning peri- odically.
  1. Managing our Planning Center Support system – One of the most useful tools our team has is Planning Center. This is what we use to send charts and mp3s to musicians and worship leaders. You will work collaboratively with our worship leaders to build set-lists for church gigs and schedule any needed musicians.
  2. Managing Payments system
    You will do some sending of simple invoices  to churches who pay for our services.
  3. Managing Multitracks audio on LoopCommunity
    You will help us manage our library of multi-tracks using the Loop Community Prime cloud.
  4. Communicating with Church leaders and bands
    You will assist the TCA team in emailing and texting pastors, worship leaders and musicians about their Sunday schedules and details each week.
  5. Attend a weekly team meeting
    We have a once a week meeting for 1 hour to discuss the strategic goals we have as a team and the actions needed for the coming week.
  6. Assist in Marketing Communication:
    We send out a regular newsletter to our donors and partners and try to post somewhat regularly on social media. You would be a part of helping us share our vision!
  7. A Results-Based work ethic – we don’t watch clocks. We all know what result we need to get and are focused on that. When that result is achieved, we go home. And no one decides for us when to do that we’re all adults who figure it out based on the required result. How- ever, in your position, we will need you to be generally available for a good portion of the workday, Colorado time (Mountain Time).
  1. Hours – Approx. 10 hours/week. This is NOT an hourly paid position, but a paid internship with a monthly stipend. We don’t punch time clocks, instead trust in each other that we are all owners and are responsible for our own work and getting things done. Any hours over 10 hours per week would need to be approved.
  1. Pay – Honestly, we can’t afford to pay you what you are worth on the open market. You are above our pay grade! We would love this position to grow into a full-time job but for now we can afford a monthly stipend of  $563 per month.

We see you as a leader, not a support person. In our company, EVERYONE is a leader in their area of expertise. In the areas of your strength, no one will be telling you what to do.

You will also be an integral part of the Torn Curtain team and community and our business. 

Are there questions you have for us?

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