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Monument Methodist (temporary)
Posted: 03/21/2023
Salary/Range: to be determined
Monument, CO

We are approximately 40 people in the early stages of planting a new church in the high growth area of north Colorado Springs (Monument). Our preliminary profile for a new pastor for this church plant includes:

  • We are Christians first, and Methodists second. But we would prefer an ordained person (or in the ordination process) or licensed/certified lay minister who has received training in Wesleyan doctrine.
  • Is eager to defend the Bible as the inspired Word of God without compromise, i.e. is conservative.
  • Is outgoing and loves evangelism. Has a heart for the lost and able to lead the congregation in reaching the unchurched.
  • Will preach regularly on man’s predicament, that is, our sinful nature―and its antidote the gospel. Has a clear understanding of these essential doctrines.
  • Will lead a traditional liturgical style worship service that includes classic hymns or a blended service with the best modern praise hymns (such as “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us,” “In Christ Alone,” etc.).
  • Has a heart for missions.
  • Has a working knowledge of apologetics to offer evidence for the truth of Christianity in response to skeptics. And is eager to preach on this subject and teach the congregation how to use this discipline to evangelize in an unbelieving world.
  • Enthusiastic to engage the surrounding culture on a biblical worldview in all aspects of life including science, law, education, philosophy, medicine, etc. Is unafraid to speak boldly within and beyond the walls of the church on the biblical view of social/moral issues including marriage, human sexuality, sanctity of life from the point of conception till natural death, etc.

This will be a part-time job at first but an exciting opportunity to grow with us. We are open to a recent seminary graduate without experience.

Contact Charles Meek @, phone 512-663-6497

To Apply: Charles Meek, 512-663-6497,