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Senior/Lead Pastors

Senior Pastor

Christ Community Covenant Church
Posted: 02/24/2022
Salary/Range: $80,000 to $100,000
Arvada, CO



This Senior (Lead) Pastoral job description outlines the overall qualifications, competencies, beliefs, doctrinal positions, education, and position descriptions.  The Senior Pastor is first personally responsible to God, then to the Church Council of Elders and the Church Membership.  The Senior Pastor will help to further develop and advance the Church’s vision and be able to express and share that vision in a way that brings growth and causes this church to be effective disciples of Christ in the community.

Core Beliefs, Competencies and Qualifications for Senior Pastor

The Senior Pastor must be a person who –

  • Professes faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.
  • Preaches and teaches the Word of Truth based solely and strongly on the Old and New Testaments of Scripture and hold these truths as the absolute Truth and light, provided by God for enlightenment, guidance, and salvation.
  • Participates in the work of the Holy Spirit by extending grace, truth, and love, and understanding in meeting all persons where they are and being sensitive and caring to their needs.
  • Demonstrates an exemplary Christian life by modeling the attitudes, feelings, values, enthusiasm, and dedication as a true believer in Christ.
  • Is submissive to the leadership of Christ the Head of the Church, and to the Council of Elders and to the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) standards of ministerial theology and doctrine – and embraces the Affirmations of the ECC and if necessary, will seek and pursue ordination in the ECC denomination and have a well-formed understanding of the church’s place in advancing the Kingdom of God.
  • Demonstrates the ability to preach the Word of God clearly, articulately, enthusiastically, and with true conviction.
  • Prayerfully and genuinely pursues God’s vision and purposes for the church in following the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Kingdom minded in theology and practice, having a well-formed understanding of the church’s place in advancing the Kingdom of God.
  • Conscious dependence on the leading of the Holy Spirit and embraces diligent prayer expecting miraculous Providence.
  • Demonstrates the ability to prepare and deliver originally developed sermons.
  • Demonstrates experience and capabilities in church staff organizational leadership by capably communicating effectively as a leader in administrative and church financial/budgetary management.
  • Capable of communicating effectively as a leader through the written and spoken word.
  • Has served a minimum of 5 years as a Senior Pastor, or Executive Associate/Staff Pastor.
  • Is skilled in conflict management, through listening and understanding by applying sound doctrine and Biblical truths with grace from both the public pulpit and in personal and private relationships.
  • Engages in and works towards resolution of critical issues and problems facing the church.
  • Committed to manifesting servant/visionary/entrepreneurial presence while still being a team player – open to other views, opinions, and critical thinking in a respectful and Christ centered way.
  • Capable of making timely and balanced decisions.

Education and Training

  • Has a Master of Divinity or other advanced degree targeted for ministry, and that those educational credentials initially meet the qualifications for ordination in the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) denomination.

Position Description

The Senior Pastor will fulfill the following responsibilities –


  • Provide spiritual leadership to the members of the church through worship, leadership, preaching, prayer and teaching the Word of God.
  • Administer the Sacraments of the Lord’s Supper and Holy Baptisms in accordance with the practice of the ECC.
  • Be responsible for the design and formation of the worship service and collaborate with others on the Worship Staff.
  • Prepare and present future sermon plans.
  • Continually challenge all members of this faith community in existing and new ministries according to the Church’s vision and mission statements (refer to Five Stones), and lead the congregation in fulfilling our church’s mandate to be a witness for Christ.

Other Pastoral Responsibilities and Administration:

  • Be responsible for the overall leadership and management of church programs, church business, budget management, and property.
  • Supervise and manage the church staff and encourage their development in their areas of responsibility exhibiting Christ like character and behavior.
  • Participate and provide monthly reports (oral/written) to the Council of Elders on pastor’s responsibilities, church activities, ministerial acts, sermon planning, and program plans.
  • Participate and be involved in providing pastoral knowledge and leadership to our congregation’s Council of Elders, boards, committees, and ministry activities.
  • Attend and serve on the Council of Elders as Senior Pastor, an active member of the church, and attend all Council meetings.
  • Be actively involved and coordinate with other Pastoral Staff in Pastoral congregational care, visitation, counseling, prayer, and be responsive to the individual needs of people.
  • Officiate baptisms, dedications, weddings, and funerals.
  • Offer encouragement, inspiration, and teaching to the various ministries and organizations of the church, assisting them in program development, direction, and purpose in accordance with the mission of the church.
  • Train and be willing to teach others in the oversight of church programs and ministries.
  • Attend certain and specific denominational conferences and planning retreats.
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