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Grace Fellowship Church of Overland Park, Kansas (EFCA )
Posted: 02/01/2022
Salary/Range: $85,000-$105,000
Overland Park, Kansas 66213
Lead Pastor Job Description
Grace Fellowship Church
Overland Park, Kansas
January, 2022

A.              Overview

Qualifications – The pastor shall meet the scriptural qualifications for elders given in 1Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. He shall be a man of proven Christian character, sound in faith and doctrine, and shall be well qualified to teach and preach the whole counsel of God. He shall be a worthy example in his life and teaching. He shall subscribe to the Evangelical Free Church of America Statement of Faith. He shall agree to abide by the Bylaws of Grace Fellowship Church.

If not previously ordained, the pastor must be licensed or ordained or make application for credentialing by the Evangelical Free Church of America within one year of arrival. If previously ordained, he shall seek credentialing by the EFCA via transfer, etc.

Duties – The pastor shall devote himself to prayer, to the teaching and preaching of the Word of God, and to the protection, care and oversight of the congregation in conjunction with the Elders. The associate pastoral staff shall devote themselves to the same, working in conjunction with the pastor and the Elders. Each pastoral staff member will abide by all By-Laws, Policies and Procedures of GFC.

Our Lead Pastor is called by the Elders to provide general oversight for all church ministries. He serves as the primary preacher, staff leader, ministry consultant and director. As such, he will be accountable to God and to the Elders for His pastoral ministry, personal integrity and spiritual maturity.

  1. Major Responsibilities

1.     Personally

  1. He will maintain a vital and wholesome personal relationship with the Lord through daily Bible study, prayer, and reflection, modeling this relationship through his lifestyle to the church family.
  2. He will make his home, his wife, and his children among his highest priorities. He will maintain a proper balance between church and family commitments, recognizing that he cannot effectively fulfill his pastoral calling if he neglects to care for his wife and children. (1 Timothy 3:4-5).

2.   Preaching, Teaching & Planning

a.     He will maintain his high calling to faithfully communicate God’s Word. In his absence or at his discretion he will ensure that the pulpit is filled with other qualified preachers/teachers.

b.     He may at his request or at the request of team leaders provide a time or series of teaching, i.e. Sunday School, membership, mid-week, etc.

c.      He will work closely with the worship director to develop inspirational and creative worship experiences, using music, media, props, drama and other forms to enhance the sermon or series.

3.     Staff Leadership & Development

a.     He will provide leadership to all lay and pastoral staff leaders:

1)     by bringing insight, affirmation, and encouragement;

2)     by leading regular staff meetings toward the fulfillment of the purpose, values, and vision of the church;

3)     by meeting individually with pastoral and ministry staff leaders and providing personal counsel, coaching and pastoral care;

4)     by overseeing, with the Elders, all church staff issues and/or conflict management.

b.     Lay and staff leaders will be accountable to him. He may suggest training resources and facilitate development sessions to enhance their leadership.

c.      He will serve as an ex-officio member to each team or committee to recommend and advise, attending as he desires or at the request of the team and/or leader. He need not attend every meeting of every team.

4.   Elder Participation, Coaching and Training

a.     He will work with the chairman of the Elders to initiate ministries, to develop meeting agendas and to provide perspective and counsel as needed. He will be a voting member of the Elders.

b.     He may suggest training resources and facilitate development sessions to enhance the effectiveness of their spiritual leadership.

c.      He will, with the Elders, oversee all church discipline matters and conflict management issues. He will keep the Elders well-informed of the necessary aspects of his interaction with and counsel of members.

5.     Congregational Direction and Care

a.     The Lead Pastor will conduct baptisms, weddings and funerals as needed or requested in accordance with church policy. He will provide counsel and encouragement for church attenders and community residents who seek his spiritual guidance.

b.     He will take initiative in and leadership over visitation (homes, work places, hospitals, etc.), encouraging other leaders and congregational members to be active in pastoral care as well. He would do well to visit every home in his first year and occasionally or as needed thereafter.

c.      He will promote Jesus’ Great Commission through personal evangelism and global missions, leading or encouraging effective means and strategies to win the lost to Jesus Christ.

d.     He will encourage the church to serve, care for, and encourage each other through small groups and other such means as to maintain a healthy care environment and relationships at GFC.

C.              Miscellaneous Responsibilities

1.     He will be subject to an annual review by the Elders. He will submit a written report to the leadership team quarterly.

2.     He will communicate regularly with the church family through church publications, emails, public ministry updates and other forms of media.

3.     He should annually pursue continuing education or a church leadership or missions-focused conference or missions (trip) experience with the approval of the Elders.

4.     He should strive for involvement with local pastors and ministries, as well as, and especially with the district and (as funds and time permit) national organizations of the EFCA.

5.     He may take on other responsibilities as requested or approved by the Elders.

Lead Pastor Terms of Employment
Grace Fellowship Church
Overland Park, Kansas
January, 2022
  1. Employment Agreement
    1. Salary / remuneration and benefits …
    2. He shall strive to work at least forty hours each week, with office hours published for the benefit of the church family.
    3. He shall be offered two weeks’ vacation (including two Sundays) during his first year, to be decided / negotiated thereafter, not including Elder-approved conferences, missions trips, or speaking engagements.
    4. He shall have five discretionary Sundays off each year (sickness, conferences, etc.), scheduling them as much as possible so as to have one Sunday off each quarter.
    5. Tenure / terms / years of employment …
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