The Gospel Initiative: Event Group Registration

Engaging the public with the gospel is often a collaborative, coordinated, community effort. Recognizing this challenge, groups of five to eight people can now attend any in-person event with The Gospel Initiative for a group rate of $15 per person. This creates new opportunities:

  • Staff and lay leaders from the same church or ministry can now attend events at a reduced rate. There is no limit to the number of groups who can attend from the same church or ministry.
  • Staff and lay leaders from smaller churches or ministries can combine to create a group and attend at a reduced rate.
  • Students on a limited budget, whether Denver Seminary students or not, can create a group and attend at a reduced rate. It is not required that all group members be students.
  • Individuals can encourage new dialogue with their friends and colleagues by attending the conference as a group.

As we create more opportunities for Christians to explore challenging topics and have meaningful conversations, we hope to empower more people to engage in compelling, compassionate, and credible gospel witness.

How does group registration work?

To register your group, you will need all of the following:

  • A group organizer to register the group and pay the group rate.
  • A group of five to eight people, which may or may not include the group organizer.
  • The first and last names and valid email addresses of all people in your group.

What if an individual in my group needs to cancel?

If one or more members of your group needs to cancel their registration, the group organizer can transfer a group member’s registration to a new individual by sending an email to and requesting an “Individual Transfer Form.” There is no charge to transfer a registration.

What if an entire group needs to cancel?

If a group needs to cancel, the group organizer can be refunded by sending an email to with all group member names and email addresses.

What if I have other questions or concerns?

Please contact Jason Woodman, director of public engagement with The Gospel Initiative.