Security Guard (Part-Time)

Job Title:Security Guard
Reports To: Director of Physical Campus Operations
Location: Essential On-Campus
Pay: $15.90/hour

General Statement of Job Function

Scheduled shifts may be Monday-Friday from 3:00pm-10:00pm or Saturdays from 8:30am-5:00pm. Responsibilities include making periodic patrols around the campus grounds  and in buildings, responding to calls for assistance, enforcing parking lot policies by issuing tickets, responding to trespassers, writing incident reports, working with other Seminary staff (library staff, classroom instructors, janitorial contractor, etc.), cooperating with local law enforcement officers and emergency responders, ensuring buildings are locked and secured at the end of the last shift of the day, and other duties as assigned by the Director of Physical Campus Operations.

On weeknights and when the Seminary is closed for business due to a holiday or inclement weather, a security guard may be scheduled for “on-call” duty.  The guard is required to be available to respond to incoming calls on the security phone number (303-961-1184).  “Proactive” responsibilities, such as those listed above, may not be  required when on-call.  The on-call guard should be able to respond to immediate incoming calls. On-call duty is compensated at a rate of $33 a day (i.e. Fri – Sun = $100).

Essential Functions

  • Patrol the campus, campus buildings, and parking lots on a regular basis.
  • Respond to phone calls received on the Security cell phone.
  • Ensure campus buildings are locked and secure, as appropriate to your shift assignment.
  • Issue tickets in conjunction with enforcement of parking lot regulations and policies.
  • Collaborate with Littleton Police, ACC Campus Police and Littleton Fire Rescue, as necessary.
  • Generate daily activity reports, as warranted.

Secondary Functions

  • Assist facilities with various duties that prevent issues posing health and safety hazards.


A college degree is preferred; military or security experience is preferred. CPR/AED (automatic external defibrillator) training and certification are required; training and certification in the use of OC gas are required (Denver Seminary will provide training for both certifications).


  • Committed personal relationship with Jesus Christ required and a lifestyle consistent with the Seminary’s Community Values and Behavioral Commitments.
  • Agreement with Denver Seminary’s statement of faith.
  • Responsible, dependable, and have good relational skills.
  • Able to make appropriate decisions in response to calls for assistance, especially in emergencies.


Denver Seminary prepares men and women to engage the needs of the world with the redemptive power of the Gospel and the life-changing truth of Scripture. Through our educational programs and mentoring process, the Seminary challenges students to grow spiritually, intellectually, and professional in order to lead God’s people in the accomplishment of His mission in the world. The position of Security Guard supports this mission by:

  • Providing and promoting a safe and secure campus environment.
  • Responding promptly, courteously, and conscientiously to incoming calls to the security phone.
  • Maintaining a professional appearance and cultivating professional interactions with campus community, guests, contractors and emergency response professionals.
  • Ensuring parking policies are enforced and obeyed.

Typical Physical Demands and Working Conditions

Physical demands include the ability to run, walk distances, climb stairs, climb indoor ladder to building roof, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, shovel snow, see well during the day and night-time hours, hear well, think clearly and quickly, and make appropriate decisions in response to calls for assistance, including emergencies.  The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds.Denver Seminary is an equal opportunity employer committed to excellence in all areas of ministry and operations.

Application Process

Willingness to support Denver Seminary’s vision, sign the National Association of Evangelicals Faith Statement, and abide by the Seminary’s Community Values and Behavioral Commitments is required.

Please complete our online application form.  

Please send your resume or CV to