SETECA Extension Coordinator

Job Title:SETECA Extension Coordinator
Reports To: Associate Dean for Diversity and Programs of Ethnic Communities
Location: Flexible
Pay: $21.65-$28.88 / hourly

General Statement of Job Function

To coordinate the academic programs of SETECA’s extension at Denver Seminary, with the goal of looking for new strategies to increase the size of the student body in the extension and achieve SETECA’s and Denver Seminary’s vision of serving the Hispanic community.

Essential Functions

  1. Works in partnership and maintains ongoing communication with the Director of Undergraduate Programs for SETECA, Guatemala and related departments at SETECA and with the Associate Dean for Diversity and Programs of Ethnic Communities at Denver Seminary. As part of this partnership the coordinator may be required to travel to Guatemala.
  2. Supervises the development and standards of excellence of the SETECA extension program at Denver Seminary in accordance with the mission and vision of both institutions.
  3. Oversees the administration and operation of the SETECA extension programs at Denver Seminary.
  4. Oversees online and local promotional efforts of the programs and represents the extension when necessary.
  5. Explores ministry opportunities for students and strategic alliances with denominational leaders.
  6. Addresses academic issues with both professors and students. This may include, but is not limited to: promoting professional development of professors, offering curriculum guidance to students, overseeing student academic progress, verifying that students appropriately meet graduation requirements, evaluating transfer credits, reviewing the academic calendar to ensure availability of courses, and serve as an intermediary between professors and students.


Must have a graduate level degree from a recognized seminary or institution.  Doctoral degree is preferred.


  • Skillful bilingual mastery of Spanish and English. Strong spoken and written communication skills in both languages.
  • Adequate computer skills for online communication and teaching.
  • Substantial understanding of the Hispanic community and its subgroups.
  • Teaching experience at minimum of college level.
  • Adequate administrative and strategic planning skills


Denver Seminary prepares men and women to engage the needs of the world with the redemptive power Denver Seminary prepares men and women to engage the needs of the world with the redemptive power of the Gospel and the life-changing truth of Scripture. Through our educational programs and mentoring process, the Seminary challenges students to grow spiritually, intellectually, and professional in order to lead God’s people in the accomplishment of His mission in the world. The position of Director, Institutional Research and Educational Systems supports this mission by:

  • Establishing and developing an extension of SETECA at Denver Seminary. 
  • Providing quality theological training for the Hispanic community. 
  • Preparing students for ministry and future academic opportunities. 

Typical Physical Demands and Working Conditions

The physical demands of this opportunity include extended periods of time typing and sitting at a desk.  Work is performed mostly in the classrooms and at the Hispanic Initiatives office. The duties to be assigned require visits to local Hispanic churches, proficiency in both English and Spanish, as well as frequent use of computers, telephones, and copiers. It also includes high contact with the Hispanic evangelical community and the seminary community. When needed, the position may require attendance at meetings and conferences in other parts of the United States and Guatemala.

Denver Seminary is an equal opportunity employer committed to excellence in all areas of ministry and operations.

Application Process

Willingness to support Denver Seminary’s vision, sign the National Association of Evangelicals Faith Statement, and abide by the Seminary’s Community Values and Behavioral Commitments is required.

Please complete our online application form.  

Please send your resume or CV to