Month: December 2019

person swimming through water

Holy Interruption: Diving In

by Andrea Weyand How does a cricket-playing, non-church going boy from South Africa find himself at Denver Seminary? Ask Jacques Gerber, who graduated with an MDiv in spring 2019. At age eight, like many children in Johannesburg, Jacques played cricket, saying, “Sports were my identity—how I understood my worth.” Jacques’ love of cricket followed him…

deborah downs portrait

Swimming Upstream: “Rev. Deb” on Pastoral Leadership, Women, and Calling

by Kara Bettis As a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and single mom of two who is fluent in four languages, Deborah Downs is not a typical graduate of Denver Seminary. Downs entered the MDiv Theology Program at Denver Seminary with plans to write or teach, not intending to pursue pastoral leadership. Now “Rev….

charline and jen mentoring

The Hope of Discovery: A Mentoring Story

When the training and mentoring program began in 1996 at Denver Seminary, Charlene Canady heard about it and thought, it’s about time! Her husband, Dan, had been enrolled at Denver Seminary for a few years in the 1980s while they simultaneously pastored and led worship. Though years of pastoring, homeschooling their five children, and prison…

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Reclaiming Our Identity: The Gospel Initiative

Evangelicals are first and foremost “gospel people.” Our very name comes from the Greek word for gospel. Our faith is centered on the gospel, the good news that through the crucifixion and the resurrection, Jesus Christ defeated sin, evil, and death. We are people whose lives have been transformed by the gospel. We are gospel…