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close up photo of eva bleeker, faculty member

Eva Bleeker, EdD

Teaching Fellow

Chaplain Eva is a Board Certified Chaplain with the Association of Professional Chaplains who believes in the transformational power of education. She moved to Colorado in 2019 with two goals: to teach at Denver Seminary and to enroll in the CEC process at the Denver Seminary CPE Center. Ch. Eva currently serves as Associated Faculty and Teaching Fellow in the Counseling Division, teaching pastoral care and counseling courses.

Ch. Eva graduated with a doctorate of education from Baylor University and holds two Master of Arts degrees through Dallas Theological Seminary, one in education and one in media and communications. During seminary, she worked as Assistant to the Chaplain, supporting the spiritual needs of the students, staff, and faculty. After graduating from seminary, Eva completed a four-unit residency in Clinical Pastoral Education through Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas (BUMC). She then remained on the chaplaincy staff at BUMC for five years while also serving as the first female member of the pastoral staff at her church. This independent faith community, Skillman Bible Church, commissioned Eva to chaplaincy and became and APC endorsing body on her behalf.

Eva moved to Northern Virginia in 2014 where she had three professional focuses: she provided spiritual care at a community hospital, she worked on the ministry staff of a United Methodist church, and she traveled weekly to New York City where she completed Columbia University’s Master of Science in narrative medicine.

Having been transformed by her own CPE journey and with a desire to facilitate meaningful growth for others, Eva began the application process for ACPE Certified Educator Candidate training in January 2020 through the Denver Seminary CPE Center.

  • Baylor University Emerging Research Conference, Paper: Narrative Identity in Chaplaincy Training, January 29, 2022.