Faculty/Staff Directory

Patty Pell, PhD

Assistant Professor of Theology, Justice, and Advocacy and Executive Director of The Gospel Initiative

Dr. Patty Pell is an Assistant Professor of Theology, Justice, and Social Advocacy and the Executive Director of The Gospel Initiative. She also serves as the Program Director for the Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies.

Dr. Pell holds a PhD in the field of Public Theology from the University of Aberdeen in the UK, an MA in Biblical Studies – Old Testament from Denver Seminary, and a BA from the University of Wyoming. She has served in ministry as a campus staff member, Area Director, Associate Regional Director, and Training Specialist with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. She has also ministered as a College Pastor, Adult Ministries Pastor, and Pastor of Community Outreach. She led a church planting team that established an immigrant and refugee congregation in Greeley, CO and most recently served on the preaching team at Cornerstone Community Church.

Dr. Pell’s passion for justice and reconciliation has led her to spend several summers directing student groups in urban Denver, India, and Kenya as well as teach courses in Old Testament at Bishop Balya College in Fort Portal, Uganda. She has worked for immigration reform, volunteered in the public schools, and has a desire to help local congregations affect social change in their communities in ways that reflect the heart of God. 

Dr. Pell has published several books and study guides with InterVarsity Press including Esther: Character Under Pressure, Hospitality: God’s Call to Compassion, Motherhood: Being Grounded in Christ and the N.T. Wright Commentary Series Study Guides for Luke, Hebrews, Romans, 2 Corinthians, and 1 & 2 Thessalonians.

She lives in Denver with her husband, who is a Social and Emotional Learning Specialist in the Adams 12 school district. They have three adult children. Her two daughters live in London and work in the film and television industry and her son works in the security industry. Dr. Pell loves soccer, trail running, historical fiction, exploring new places, and watching movies.   She can be found many nights enjoying a British crime drama, sitting on her balcony, or walking around the park. 

Listen to Dr. Patty Pell on Engage360:

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  • Chapel presenter at Denver Seminary “Face to Face in Acts 10”- September 2016
  • Panelist for Women Engage- “Biblical Foundation for Refugee Ministry”- October 2016
  • Panelist for Denver Seminary’s “Thinking Biblically at the Polls”- October 2016
  • Presenter at Hope In Our City, Denver, CO – “Biblical Foundation for Refugee Ministry”- January 2017
  • Presenter at LifeSpring Covenant Church, Loveland, CO. “Biblical Foundation for Refugee Ministry”- April 2017.
  • Presenter at Saint Patrick’s Presbyterian Church, Denver, CO. “Biblical Foundation for Refugee Ministry”- April 2017.
  • Panelist for Christians for Biblical Equality event, Denver, CO on “Gender, Justice and Mutuality”- Sept 2017.
  • Conference Speaker at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s New Mexico Fall Conference– Oct. 2017.
  • Guest Faculty for Center for Urban Leadership, Denver, CO. August and December 2017.
  • Presenter for Wellspring Church Englewood, Englewood, CO “Biblical Justice” Oct 2019
  • Presenter for Cherry Hills Community Church, Littleton, CO 3-week series: “Biblical Justice” January 2019
  • Panelist for Denver Seminary In Perspective webinar on “How to Respond When Your Faith is Challenged” April 2020.
  • Moderated “In Perspective” panel on “Providing Vital Support for Children and Teens,” August 2020.
  • Panelist on “Hard Questions, Hard Answers” panel on political engagement, Oct 2020.
  • “Race and Ethnicity in the Bible” – Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church, Lakewood. March 2021.
  • Moderator for “In Perspective” panel on “Why the Bible Matters,” Feb 2021.
  • “Biblical Justice and Redemption” Rocky Mountain Youth for Christ staff training, April 2021.
  • “Biblical Justice” staff training at Southeast Christian Church, May 2021.
  • “Mutuality and Justice” Christians for Biblical Equality Denver Podcast guest, April 2021.
  • Trainer for Southeast Christian Counseling staff: “Biblical Justice and Counseling” March 2022.
  • Presenter at the Redemptive Edge Summit, Providence Bible Church: “The Beauty of Biblical Justice: Stewardship, Resources, and a World in Need” May 2022.
  • Speaker at Women Engage: Purpose, Principles and Pictures of Generosity – August 2022
  • Speaker for Rocky Mountain Christian School – Theological Foundations for Christian School Educators Series – Mission and Biblical Justice – Spring 2023