Faculty Publications Fall 2020

October 01, 2020

Learn more about the publications that Denver Seminary’s distinguished faculty have written and contributed to on a broad range of topics.

Lynn Cohick, PhD
Provost/Dean and Professor of New Testament 
The Letter to the Ephesians
The letter to the Ephesians (out this fall) provokes interpretive questions of authorship, audience, date, occasion, and purpose of writing. Interacting critically with this intense debate, Cohick provides an exegetically astute  analysis of the six chapters of Ephesians. Cohick offers an insightful account of the epistle’s theology and soteriology as she attends to the letter’s expansive prose and lofty vision of God’s redemption.

Joseph Dodson, PhD
Associate Professor of New Testament 
Paul and the Giants of Philosophy: Reading the Apostle in Greco-Roman Context
What forces shaped the intellectual world of the apostle Paul? How familiar was he with the great philosophers of his age, and to what extent was he influenced by them? Dodson and co-editor David E. Briones, have gathered contributors with diverse views from various traditions who are united in the desire to make Paul’s engagement with ancient philosophy more accessible.

Lynn Cohick, PhD and Joseph Dodson, PhD (Contributors)
Journeys of the Apostle Paul
In Journeys of the Apostle Paul, 20 contributors present a coherent picture of Paul's life, connecting the events in Acts to his letters and theological teaching. With beautifully rendered maps and timelines, this book takes readers through the Acts narratives of Paul's journeys step by step--his interrupted journey to Damascus while persecuting Christians; his three missionary journeys; and his long journey from Jerusalem to Rome. Along the way, you'll discover new insights into his life, his teaching, and his role in the early church.

Knut Heim, PhD
Professor of Old Testament 
Ecclesiastes: An Introduction and Commentary
The book of Ecclesiastes is probably best known for its repeated refrain that “everything is meaningless,” or “vanity.” However, a thorough reading demonstrates that this is not its final conclusion. Heim’s commentary shows that the book is intellectually sophisticated, theologically rich, emotionally deep—and full of humor. While it is realistic about life, it is life-affirming, and immensely practical.

Aaron Johnson, MA
Associate Dean of Educational Technology 
Online Teaching with Zoom: A Guide for Teaching and Learning with Videoconference Platforms
Johnson walks educators through the steps and best practices of teaching via Zoom with this thoughtful and accessible guide for both beginners and seasoned educators. His timely and practical guide takes teachers past the basics of lecturing and digs deeper into active learning and small groups.


David Mathewson, PhD
Associate Professor of New Testament 
A Companion to the Book of Revelation
This companion book introduces readers to what kind of literature Revelation is, explores how to interpret its symbolism, and sees it as a response to the unique circumstances of seven historical churches in first-century Asia Minor living under the shadow of the Roman Empire. This companion pays special attention to the literary context and flow of argument of John’s unique book, while also giving attention to the effect the visions would have had on the first churches.

Don Payne, PhD
Associate Professor of Theology and Christian Formation 
Already Sanctified: A Theology of the Christian Life in Light of God’s Completed Work
How does the doctrine of sanctification shape the Christian life? Offering a fully developed treatment of “accomplished” sanctification, Payne explains that the primary biblical focus in sanctification is not progressive growth but that which has already occurred for Christians to make growth possible, necessary, and grace-driven.



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